Fun Playing Dress Up

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Educating for Eternity

Oregon Christian Home Education ConferenceSave the Date: June 25 &26Where:Oregon Convention Center www.OregonHomeschoolConference.com"Educating for Eternity"Keynote Speaker: Rick BoyerRick is a father and home schooling dad of 14 kids.He has been home schooling since the 1980s and has a wealth of experience. I look forward to hearing from this trailblazer.47 conference sessions & 20 exhibitor workshopsUsed Curriculum Sale- chance to sell old material and buy at discountThe best part: OCEAN is inviting parents of preschoolers (oldest [...]

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Raising Kids to Do Hard Things

This past weekend was the Raising Kids to do Hard Things Seminar in Portland, Or. We had a really great time enjoying worship, productive fellowship with friends from all over and learning from someone who has gone before us in the land of parenting. We took Kelsey, our nine year old with us the second day. She really loved being "big" enough to go. We enjoyed having the special "alone" time with her as well. [...]

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Do Hard Things Together Seminar FREE night

I am so excited to share with you...The Do Hard Things Together Seminaris FREE on FRIDAY night onlyfor guests of Atteendees!The sessions on Friday night from 7-9:30pm: "Why God Commands All of Us to Do hard Things" and "The Seasons of Life for You and Your Family"for more info on the seminar that is TOMORROW AND SATURDAY GO TO:www.dohardthingstogether.com

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Ultrasound Results

Results are in!Our newest addition...due August 10-13th...Is A...2.79CM LONG FOOT!ANDALSOOURBABYBOY!

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Estranged Identity

Coming Soon Trueheart Productions Presents Identitiy"> Tickets are now being sold at Trueheart Productions "Mary Magdalene, Jaden and their prospective families all believe that something – just a little over there – will make everything ideal. But in the shadows, unseen evil lurks. Demons corrupting dreams. Hope poisoned by pain. Before long, aspiration twists to revenge. Shattered dreams. Broken lives. Evil and truth collide in a powerful conclusion of this tale of redemption." Performance Details [...]

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Mosaics for Kids

This past fall I found some great Mosaics for kids!Great detail handy work for young and older kids.Here are the websites where you can purchase and view products as well as watch you tube videos on how to do them.Alea MosaicsMind WareMy kids have enjoyed making gifts for mom and dad that are more of a keepsake. I hope your kids like them too!Here are a few of the products we have done already:

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On the Road Again!

Pictures from our Random RV Trip!A Random Stop to loose some energy at Amazon Playground!I really love driving in an RV! The Wild Animals at the Winston Wild Safari! Drive through style in an RV is where it is at! Lions, Cheetahs, and Bears OH MY! Oh and some rare cappybaras, Rhinos, and EMUs too! Here you see the Buffalo in our road!Across from the Wild Safari is "Noah's Ark!" A restraunt and educational field [...]

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Praying for Today’s Martyrs

This morning I got an email from World Vision about their Pakistan Team that was brutally attacked. Six of there missionary staff were shoot and killed and eight more are hospitalized with injuries. Most of the mission work is done by local citizens. The attack was unprovoked but has temporarily paralyzed the good works for carrying for families and children in poverty.Let us be in prayer mourning these brothers and sisters who so sacrificially served [...]

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