Is Your Platform {Pulpit/Blog} An Idol?

She sat in her car weeping. Finally home. The baby asleep in the car seat, the toddler drowsy from the 45 minute drive home from the moms group. Tired and not looking forward to the loads of laundry that needed to be washed. Dreading going in and seeing the kitchen that needed to be swept and mopped before tonight's weekly bible study. Was she overdoing it? She questioned the amount of "ministry" she was involved [...]

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Launch Day for Redeeming Childbirth

Redeeming Childbirth.com I can't believe it, but just 12 months after starting the journey of writing Redeeming Childbirth the day has come! It is now available for sale on Amazon! You can click the icon in the sidebar to find it or head on over to the website! We are having some amazing giveaways today and throughout the week in celebration of the release of "Redeeming Childbirth" the book so come visit the site and [...]

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21 Heart Testimonies…

Twenty- One Heart Testimonies {glimpses into my heart, things God has been teaching me, where I struggle, my deepest passions, spiritual agitations, convictions, and spiritual milestone experiences with the Lord} 1. Just when I thought I understood what "trusting" the Lord was supposed to look like, I have become humbled yet again and am currently learning about full surrender 2. My deepest personal spiritual desire is for the Lord to open my eyes to the [...]

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Making Every Moment Count…

This concept of making every moment count completely convicts me to my deepest roots. Honestly, looking back over the course of my journey as a mother... have I made the most of every moment? I'm on Pinterest now! Have I taken advantage of as many opportunities as I get to talk with each of my children about salvation, eternity, grace and repentance? Have I told them how much I love them... often enough? Have I [...]

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