Welcome to Leaving a Legacy.

I’m Angie Tolpin, wife and help-mate to Isaac Tolpin and blessed mama of 6 beautiful children! We own and cultivated Damascus Vineyards.  I’m a home school mother that is deeply passionate about Leaving a Legacy for generations to come.  I’m a wife of an entrepreneur and understand the responsibilities and opportunities for influence when you run your business, but also the challenging, testing times that come from being independent.

My love for CHRIST and understanding of His CALLING on my life is my main motivation for taking ACTION towards OBEDIENCE in all aspects of life. I am passionate about serving Him through ministering to women in all kinds of life situations, but women who are married to men who are involved in leadership have a place in my heart.

Following Christ has been an exciting journey over the years.  As of the last 12 years, when we began having children, the Lord started impressing the importance of Leaving a Legacy Purposefully in my children.  As of the last 5 years that vision has grown to where it is now.  I recognize there is a need for women to have encouragement to live out their high callings.  How we train our children has massive impact on their lives as well as the generations following them.  It doesn’t end there, it’s not just how we purposefully train them in those moments when we are “on.”  It’s also in the example we live out everyday.  How we love our husband, how we show him our love, respect and support.  Its how we love them, how we care & nurture and take interest in them yes, but its also in truly “wanting to know who they are” and developing a real relationship with them.  Its doing the hard things because it’s right to do or because its a matter of obedience to God.  It’s living out character and integrity.  Its living on purpose, with passion and enthusiasm for each day that is a gift from God… not wasting our days or our time with our children… but embracing it and making eternal impact.

Leaving a Legacy is a ministry to give encouragement as well as equip mamas and wives in their ministries.  It’s a vision and a calling we all have as sisters in Christ.  leaving a legacy is neccessary for the church to not just survive, but thrive.  For the Kingdom of God to be advanced and for Disciples to be made.  We all leave a legacy, even when we aren’t purposeful about it.  Even the most intentional, most focused women need encouragement and need to know there are kindreds out there in the trenches with them.  Praying for them and working beside them as the Body of Christ was made to function.

Join me as we grow together and learn.  Help me in the charge to motivate other women to purposefully Leave a Legacy!