Leadership Marriage Seminars

Create a unified vision and mission for your marriage.

“Understanding how your spouse is wired enables you to connect more authentically and intimately. The marriage team is empowered to thrive when they can recognize and utilize one another’s gifts, abilities, and knowledge.”                                                                                                           ~Angie Tolpin

Marriage can be difficult, but is even more challenging when there is the added pressures in organizational leadership. This is a one of a kind interactive seminar with other like-minded couples.
Learn proven Choose Growth strategies and concepts that will directly contribute to a thriving marriage. In these seminars we utilize an assessment that we call R3, which provides an accurate picture of the motivational drivers, conflict strategies, and core differences in each of us. This will provide a clear understanding of the relationship dynamics improving awareness of how to communicate to each other with incredible effectiveness.

Isaac and Angie Tolpin have learned how to maximize their effectiveness together to build businesses and purposefully raise their family while nurturing a thriving marriage. This combination creates a unique learning environment that catalyzes lasting progress in marriages and business.

Some of the outcomes to expect:

-Seeing the core nature of your relationship dynamics

-New ways to honor each other further unifying the marriage

-Strategies to maximizing your effectiveness and productivity together

-New skills and understanding for improving communication

-Understanding Conflict Strategies & Deepest Fears

-Identify an under-utilized aspect of who we are with a plan leading to new progress

-Alone time as couples to unify, discuss insights, set goals and dream together

It’s an interactive time that enables each participant to experience a new understanding of one another. At the end, each couple will have a clear plan for thriving in their marriage and how to be a team in impacting their organization.

They have a passion to help encourage and empower marriages to go from Surviving (or Normal) to Thriving.

Leadership Marriage Seminars are organized through Choose Growth.