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  • Redeeming Halloween Resources

Redeeming Halloween Resources

Do we participate in the annual halloween festivities that our culture pushes? 
This is the age old question I believe all parents for generations have struggled with. Don’t you?
Regardless of how different things are today than they were when our parents were raising us, the reality is, this question still […]

The Great Church Search: Prayerfully Seeking vs. Selfishly Shopping

“Church shopping.” It sounds like such a consumerist mentality to finding a new church home. Yet, I myself have been guilty of casually referring to this season of church visiting as such. What other term is there to eloquently describe the season where one {or a family} is intentionally looking […]

Angie Tolpin
Angie TolpinAuthor, Mother, Wife and Lover of Jesus Christ
I’m the wife to Isaac, a Stay At Home-Mom of six, an author of a couple books, a speaker, a small time farmer, and my passions filter through my faith in Christ and His Word of truth.
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Redeeming Childbirth

As the creator of Redeeming Childbirth, the vision the Lord has impressed upon my heart is to simply encourage women to seek the Lord’s unique will and path for their lives. The choices and decisions we make as women of God directly impact if we are living in alignment with His will and I believe the Lord wants to guide EVERY aspect of our lives including the journey and season of pregnancy and childbirth. A woman can feel emotionally overwhelmed and fearful during this season and my hope is that by reading the blog and studying the book and the guide along beside the Word of God that she can become confident in Christ and empowered by His Spirit.

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