Redeeming Halloween Resources

Do we participate in the annual halloween festivities that our culture pushes? 
This is the age old question I believe all parents for generations have struggled with. Don’t you?
Regardless of how different things are today […]

The Great Church Search: Prayerfully Seeking vs. Selfishly Shopping

“Church shopping.” It sounds like such a consumerist mentality to finding a new church home. Yet, I myself have been guilty of casually referring to this season of church visiting as such. What other […]

Mother’s Day Giveaway!

Motherhood. It’s a personal journey. A sanctifying one at that, isn’t it? In so many ways, the older I get, and the more “experienced” I get, the more I realize I have so much […]

Lessons from the Vineyard on Brokenness

Just a short few weeks ago we began our intentional studies and remembrance traditions leading up to the crucifixion, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus. Coincidentally, these past few weeks have been unusually […]

Illuminate Through Brokenness

About a month ago I was offered the opportunity to write on letting God’s light shine through brokenness. And just as any other time when I speak on a topic, the Lord allows me to recall and […]