24 03, 2014

Is Poking Fun a Sin? | A Deeper Look at Relationships

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About two months ago I wrote the post, I Sinned Against My Husband {Part 1}. But what you don’t know is that, the day before, I really did sin against my husband, by poking fun at him. That post, this series, was inspired by the ugliness I saw in myself that Sunday morning while getting ready for church {of all days}. But I knew that I needed to spend some time truly examining this common communication style many call poking fun. So in my reflection time with the Lord, I was led to write Part 1, all the while I knew I was still called to write on this. The problem I have had though is that while this article was inspired by my reflections on my own sin towards the dearest person to me, I realized that this such a bigger issue than just in marriage. But this topic of poking fun, tearing down affects all kinds relationships, between parents and children, brothers and sisters, friends, as well as married couples.

I am not saying poking fun or joking around is always a sin. Some couples enjoy teasing one another, and Isaac and I do as well at times. But those times of poking fun and teasing are lovers play. The poking fun I am referring to is with regard to poking fun at another and making them look lesser, tearing them down and bringing up a flaw of some kind whether it be a sin they struggle with or a character trait you don’t particularly like.
Just like any other sin, we need to examine our own heart motives for WHAT we say and HOW we say something–in all relationships. And we also need […]

7 03, 2014

Redeeming the Division: Cultivating Unity Among Women

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This past month I had the pleasure at speaking at Good Shepherd Community Church {here is the audio if you can view the video below} on one of the topics I most passionate about. You are probably thinking, oh she spoke on birth… nope. There is actually a lot more to me than “pregnancy, childbirth and all things prego.” You might not know this, but one of the reasons I wrote Redeeming Childbirth first {yes there are many more books in me}, was because I believe that as women, one of the most controversial topics we first encounter, stems from this season in a women’s life. But as you know, it doesn’t end there, does it?
Why, I am so passionate about this controversial topic? Well, actually I am just as passionate about the other pink elephant as well {education choices}. I am passionate about this, because I believe that the enemy is having a hay-day with the lost, while we the church are completely distracted by things that are NOT ETERNAL. 
These topics, which cause so much division among women in the church, DISTRACT us from our real calling, The Great Commission. While we should be most concerned with making disciples, in and out of our homes, and doing it well, we are so distracted by what people think, and what they will think, if we ______ {fill in the blank}.
I believe many more people make decisions in life based more on what others in their ‘social group’ will think versus what God is actually calling them to do. I know I struggled with this myself for years. Surely, I am not the only one, or maybe the only one that will actually say it out loud, […]

8 02, 2014

I Sinned Against My Husband Part 1

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I sinned against my husband.

Maybe you have too?
It was a normal Saturday morning, and I got up to make breakfast. In my heart, I wasn’t doing it because I wanted to. I had hungry children. As I stumbled out of bed, that’s when it began… the resentment. Why was I the one getting out of bed to cook? I am just as tired as he is, I thought to myself.
As I walked down stairs, it didn’t even dawn on me that I had a choice to be angry. I didn’t even have my radar up that the enemy was attacking our marriage by way of Me.
I had just awoke, without realigning my worldview that morning… my view of my husband… my view of myself… my view of the blessings in my life that God had so graciously given me.

“Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.” Proverbs 4:23

It was my point of weakness. Tired, not yet alert or fully awake, I was tempted to sin… and I fell for the trap.
Every moment I was cooking breakfast, unloading dishes, I was speaking mean thoughts about my husband and children in my mind.
Have you done this? Oh, it’s ugly to admit.
A pity party had a dance in my head, and the music was blaring. Every response that came out my mouth was just as vicious and ungrateful as the thoughts consuming my mind.

 ”And Jesus knowing their thoughts said, Why think you evil in your hearts?” Matthew 9:4

I began allowing the pots and pans to be loudly placed on the stove. The envy of his resting in bed while I worked began to turn into anger. Then the anger in my heart became […]

24 01, 2014

Either Way

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Do you believe in miracles?
Do you see them in the everyday?
We read of Jesus miracles throughout the gospels, as He healed {Luke 18:35-43, Mark 5:21-43 & 6:53-56, Matt. 9 & 15:29 for example}, as He provided food for the multitudes {Matt. 14:13-21}, He calmed storms {Mark 4:35}, He walked on water {Mark 6:45}, cast out and healed those with demons {Luke 9:37}, and perhaps the most amazing miracle of Jesus was His forgiveness of the most wretched sinners… whose sin hung him to the cross {Luke 7:36, John 3:16-21}.
But do we believe these kinds of miracles exist today?
Do we truly believe what the word of God says in John 14:12, “Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these will he do, because I am going to the Father.” {ESV}

When we pray, do we pray with the deep faith that can move mountains, do we believe that God not only listens to our prayers, but that He can alter what He allows us to experience in this life, that He can change what could have been our future? Do we believe that we can actually participate in the miracles of God here on earth with Him?
We who believe in God, would say, ‘well yes, of course we believe.’ But do we live those miracles? Do we look for His hand in our lives and those around us? Do we step out in faith through prayer and walking in faith as we ‘do’ what God calls us to?
Take birth for example, many think of it as a normal thing we humans can just do. We were designed to procreate. Many even […]

6 01, 2014

I’m Married to an Entrepreneur & We’re Still Happy

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For those of you who don’t know my husband Isaac, he is an entrepreneur at heart. He was not wired to ‘work for somebody.’ That’s just not who he was created to be. He’s a leader. An Innovative Thinker. And people like him, don’t THRIVE being put in a box. Who does really? But you get my point.
For the entirety of our marriage, Isaac has enjoyed being in the business of ‘building’ people. Anyone who has ever been married to a self-employed, ‘entrepreneurial’ spirited individual knows that, because they work for results and growth, not money…and the fact that it is about ‘the mission’ or ‘the cause’… what often follows is hard work and commitment. At least for a season{s}. Many marriages die to ‘save the business’ and many businesses close their doors to save a marriage. But Isaac and I believe that isn’t necessary. In fact, we have always believed that not only can both exist thriving together, but they both can contribute to one another’s growth. How? Well this would be an entire book, in fact we have taught Leaders Marriage Seminars over the years solely focused on this and I have written a 6 Part series on Thriving Marriages and Thriving Businesses here as well.

What does Isaac do for work? He is part co-owner and founder of Choose Growth. A Company of Thought Leaders. He is also part owner and co-founder of Throwing Boulders, Web-based Communication Tool Company.

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4 01, 2014

Even Leaders Need Encouragement | Please Pray

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Listen up!
Even Leaders Need Encouragement
Even those you think are strong, have moments of weakness. Even those you think of as leaders need encouragement… and they especially need your prayers, because the ENEMY would love nothing other than to destroy any good fruit that is in their life.
To discourage them and bring them down.

I don’t know how many of you know one particular part of my story. I haven’t written about it, but those who knew me well 9 years ago, know that on this day nine years ago I found a tumor on the side of my face near my ear. I found it just 5 & a half weeks after my second daughter’s birth. The Lord walked me through that ‘journey.’ And He walks with me even now through this one. Because just a few weeks ago I found another tumor exactly like the other but in a different location.
I was fortunate that the first tumor, which grew from the size of a small marble to a little larger than a golf ball in 6 months, was benign. Although we didn’t know if it was completely benign or not until after the extraction, we waited and God gave us His peace. Even with the statistics against me, 75 % partial facial paralysis, God’s peace washed over me. I can honestly say, that yes there were really hard nights… but they were far and in between. For the most part, God gave me a supernatural peace… one that only comes from Him. For those that knew me closely, they walked through this time with me as faithful friends would.

Why do I share this?

Because tomorrow I go in for an MRI. I wish I […]

31 12, 2013

Thriving Marriages Choose Growth

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Two things I want you to take from here today:
1.) Free Handouts to use as a tool to engage your marriage as a team and create your mission/vision statements and objectives. {Click to Tweet} We are offering some of the exercises we use in our marriage seminars for couples to use as they continually dream together, evaluate where they are individually and as a marriage team. 

2.) Thriving, not surviving, but thriving marriages, choose growth together. Allowing one another to grow and change is part of a thriving marriages. Not only should you allow others to grow and change, but we should be encouraging and empowering one another to grow.

Every One Can Thrive Living Intentionally
Not every couple is the same, but deep down inside we all want to live a “Purpose Driven Life”{by Rick Warren}. “Don’t Waste Your Life” {by John Piper}, engage your spouse… after all you are doing life together! You are a team. And just as there is a purpose for your life, there is also a purpose for your marriage.

Visioneering together {dreaming & living out your dreams intentionally} is a key ingredient to a thriving marriage. {Click to Tweet this} Creating a mission statement or vision statement for your marriage and family is great, but you need to recognize that as people grow and change… so should your vision. While the core of your mission may remain the same or similar, it is healthy for the objectives, the how to’s to change. A growing vision and mission is a “fruit” or by-product of a thriving marriage.

First it begins with introspection. I am going to add in another free handout here on The Power of Introspection, which we also teach on in the […]

20 12, 2013
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    The Dashboard | The Side of Having a Website You Don’t Always See

The Dashboard | The Side of Having a Website You Don’t Always See

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Aren’t we all a work in progress? I sure am. And so is my site as you can see. This is the first article I have written since I changed my theme. Which is one of the reasons why you haven’t heard from me.
I have to apologize, because this blog post is not going to be like any other I have written. This is a journal entry. So if you are a faithful reader, be warned… I’m not trying to teach the top 3 most important ya-da-ya-das or 31 days to a better anything. There are plenty of good reads to fill your google reader on those topics. No this is more of a letter, from my heart to yours, sharing what’s going on, what I have been thinking about with regard to this website… like two friends sitting for some coffee or tea.
You see I have some confessions to make, some fears to face, and some lessons I have learned that I want to share with you.

Welcome. Welcome to my new website. It’s pretty boring, huh? I know. Well, this is why you haven’t heard from me in a while. I have been embarrassed. You see I had a beautiful website that a dear friend and my husband built for me in November of 2011.
We worked hard on it. I was inspired. Called. On a mission. They had skills, we had means, I had purpose… and wahlah. Leaving a Legacy had a great little location in the internet and I was happy there. But then the theme designers didn’t create good enough updates, I experienced a host of frustrations at my new wordpress home including issues with fonts, spacing, image uploads, and the […]

31 10, 2013

Redeeming Halloween | FREE Candy Scripture Printable

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This is the day the Lord has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24
Redeeming Halloween

This month we have discussed a lot about  this hot topic Christ followers face as parents. Do we or do we not participate? How much is ok? How does the history of October 31st impact what we do today? Candy, costumes, pumpkins, parties, and on and on. This topic has even been stimulating topics on Christmas and Easter all over the internet.
Here are our two posts on Halloween:
Engaging But Not Encouraging Halloween
Redeeming Halloween | Free Pumpkin Gospel Printable
But you know what conclusion I have come to. Today is the Lord’s Day. It’s that simple. He has made it. Given us another day of LIFE! We are so blessed. And yet it is just another day in which we have the opportunity to leave intentional legacies, bring Him glory, enjoy the gifts He has given us in our families and in creation, and most of to delight in another day of relationship with Him. What a relief!
So what are you doing to Redeem Halloween?
Let me help, if you have decided as a family to pass out candy, think on this thought. This is an opportunity for you to SHINE for Jesus! People are coming to YOUR DOOR! If you don’t have gospel tracks, consider printing out this FREE Printable of Scripture verses and taping them to candy before it gets dark!

FREE Halloween Candy Scriptures Printable

Just click on the orange print!








Remember, Shine for Jesus. Smile, and let God’s Light Resonate!
Remember you can still print out your FREE Pumpkin Gospel Printable as well! Save it for next year!
Pumpkin Evangelism Printable

May God truly bless your family and your ministry within […]

19 10, 2013

Redeeming Halloween | The Pumpkin Gospel

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How does that look, what are some practical examples? First, if you haven’t yet read Engaging but NOT Encouraging Halloween, I hope you will. There are some fantastic links in this article {a direct link to the 95 Theses}, a book recommendation and so much more. You really must read it! At the end of this article I have a link to cute pumpkin stencils with Christian symbols, links to other related posts and websites, and a FREE PDF of the Pumpkin Gospel we use with our children!
First off, setting out to reclaim or redeem anything takes intentionality and the help of the Lord. I was thinking earlier today on this topic and it occurred to me that we need to understand that reclaiming something for Christ, is something He does; and sometimes He allows us to participate.

Pumpkin Evangelism Printable
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Are you feeling a prompting to make this October 31st more meaningful & Christ focused? -click to tweet
If you are feeling a prompting to make this October 31st more meaningful, more Christ-focused, that prompting is from the Holy Spirit. I wish I could tell you it was going to be easy, but honestly, it takes some work. You are choosing to move and lead your family in opposition from the culture in a lot of ways.
Parents of little children have an increasing challenge to not only preserve their child’s sensitive heart, but also teach how to be spiritual discerning. I believe this time of the year offers that opportunity to teach… but at what age? This doesn’t have a cookie-cutter answer because every child is on a different spiritual […]