An Uncommon Way to Encourage a Friend Walking Through Crisis

I got a text message from a friend the other night. “Pray for my daughter. We are headed to the ER.” What does one say? The obvious answer would be to pray. Immediately. Stop and pray! But what do you say, what do you do next? Sometimes, praying IS WHAT you do. Often times we downplay the power of prayer. Most Christ followers would say there is power in praying, that there is a purpose [...]

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Either Way

Do you believe in miracles? Do you see them in the everyday? We read of Jesus miracles throughout the gospels, as He healed {Luke 18:35-43, Mark 5:21-43 & 6:53-56, Matt. 9 & 15:29 for example}, as He provided food for the multitudes {Matt. 14:13-21}, He calmed storms {Mark 4:35}, He walked on water {Mark 6:45}, cast out and healed those with demons {Luke 9:37}, and perhaps the most amazing miracle of Jesus was His forgiveness [...]

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Even Leaders Need Encouragement | Please Pray

Even Leaders Need Encouragement Even those you think are strong have moments of weakness. Even those you think of as leaders need encouragement. And they especially need your prayers, because the ENEMY would love nothing other than to destroy any good fruit that is in their life. To discourage them and bring them down. I don't know how many of you know one particular part of my story. I haven't written about it, but those [...]

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Break My Heart for what Breaks Yours

My heart is heavy for the injustice of babies today. I myself was "advised to terminate three of my pregnancies because of health issues, but because of my faith in Jesus Christ and knowing the truth that a fetus IS a baby, a gift and blessing from God, the decision was easy for me to make. It is not so easy for many women today. Our culture has diluted the truth and made excuses to [...]

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Prayers for a Spiritually Sleeping Country

We have been so blessed with Isaac's work to be treated to great trips all over the world. Monday we came home from Prague, Czech Republic. While much of what we saw seemed surreal (the architecture, historical buildings and landmarks) there was an overwhelming sense of emptiness. Before leaving for our trip I took a few weeks to study up a little on the Czech Republic, the history, the people, their religious history. Wow! I [...]

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Love Until It Hurts

After the Election this past November I have been "done" listening to politics!During the 2 year campaign I get sick of listening to the debates and attacks going back and forth. Personally for me once my favorite candidate was out of the running I had genuine remorse. To be honest I have enjoyed having the "political mental break" the last month or so.I have never mentioned my political stance on my blog before so I [...]

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