The Day I Resigned from 4 Ministries to Focus on Family

One day, as I was pulling my car over to nurse a screaming baby, I saw my other two toddlers napping in the car on the way home after having been at church for the fourth time that week for bible study, and ministry meetings. I remember feeling overwhelmed, and like, if I kept going at the pace I was, I might be sacrificing the legacy I was dreaming of--a vision God had placed in [...]

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Creating a Social Media Mission Statement & Set Boundaries

We all have our reasons for being on social media.  For some it may be a way to connect with family and friends that are long distance, for others it might be the social networking for business, or maybe your kids are on social media, so you feel the need to be. I share in our personal testimony below why we are on social media, but from the beginning Isaac and I set out on a mission [...]

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Thoughts after an 8 Week Sabbatical

As I sit here at my keyboard, my hands cover my eyes as I try desperately to focus my thoughts. Have you been there? Maybe not at a computer to write, but in a conversation with someone and they ask you... so how are you doing? Or what have you been learning? What has God been teaching you? And your response, you honest response could literally take you a whole day to explain. That is [...]

Refusing to Raise Cookie Cutter Kids

You know that concept... "Cookie Cutter"... it's used to describe the neighborhoods where all the homes look, well, cookie cutter! They all have the same trim, the same paint, the same lawn... Something has been awakened in my mind and soul recently... as my heart aches more for the needy, it aches more for the lost, but it also aches for us all, the privileged. This past week our family was blessed to go to [...]

Intentionally Leading with Vision~ Core Christian Parenting Fundamentals

What is the Vision you have for your family? Do you envision having a close knit family; where your daughters are there for each other, taking care of each other after they have a baby, or watching one another’s children for date nights, etc...  What about your sons, could they maybe work together?  Or will they want to get there families together because they actually like each other and it is not just something they [...]

Q&A Interview with the Dunagan Ladies

Interview with Ann & Christi Dunagan on the Topic of Mentoring Your Daughters: Q. ANGIE: Looking back at yourself as a mom of middle-aged children and babies, how did you begin proactively preparing your heart to let go and let God have your children for service overseas? A. ANN: With each child, there was definitely a time of "dedicating" each one to the Lord and praying over them and committing each little one into God's [...]

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Parenting Our Children Pursposefully with the Future In Mind

As parents we all have the potential to hold on too tight.  Out of our great Love and Deep Concern for our children, we make choices in raising them, educating them, carefully "choosing their environments." One of the challenges I see all parents potentially struggle with, but maybe especially home schooling parents, is the temptation to hold on too tightly to our children.  I am not referring to the protection we are responsible for providing [...]

What’s God’s Purpose for Parenting?

If we really desire to be a "better parents" with a "better families" we need to look at life from God's perspective. Yes, God deeply loves and cares about our families. However, the end goal is not to produce amazing role-model kids, so others can put us on a pedestal. The goal is not for our families to "look good" or to impress others. The goal is far-more than just being happy. As Christian parents, [...]

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The Story Behind Leaving a Legacy

Where did the Vision come from? It is a Gift given by God~  He opened my Eyes when I received Him into my heart years ago~ this journey I have been so blessed to be on~ of really realizing my sin and need for a Savior~ I don't even want to imagine what my life would look like without Christ~ It certainly would look nothing like it does~ This Vision isn't my own~ It's God's [...]

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Leaving A Legacy~ The Vision

~The Vision Behind Leaving a Legacy~ The First Vision of Leaving a Legacy is Marriage. We are all unique people and given different callings in life.  A passion of mine is to minister to wives that are married to entrepreneurs and leaders in their business, communities, churches, and homes.   Over the years Isaac and I have watched many marriages fail, fail to save businesses and businesses fail to save marriages, and it doesn't have to [...]

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