Where did the Vision come from?

It is a Gift given by God~  He opened my Eyes when I received Him into my heart years ago~ this journey I have been so blessed to be on~ of really realizing my sin and need for a Savior~ I don’t even want to imagine what my life would look like without Christ~ It certainly would look nothing like it does~ This Vision isn’t my own~ It’s God’s ~ it’s FREE


My love for Christ Compels me to desire to obey Him… I don’t always do good, I sin often, but when I experience the struggles life brings,  I look for the lessons God has to teach me.  I share them here and with friends because even though I know God loves me and doesn’t find it a “waste” for “just me” to learn the lesson… I believe it brings him glory and brings triumph over the bad in life when a person allows the lessons learned to benefit others and teach them as well.

Ever since I was a young girl, I had the philosophy that I wanted to learn from others mistakes more often than experience the pain of going through them myself.  While I have pursued life with that goal in mind, obviously life doesn’t always work out like that.  Pain and Trials come, but the power and strength of God can help us conquer and defeat. I am thankful for the blessings in my life as well as the trials, for by them both I have learned more about the Faithfulness and goodness of God, His Strength & Character!  I can not claim the knowledge and understanding I have learned from Him as my own, because it is him who has opened my eyes.  I pray that in my posts you are able to begin or continue a journey of listening and looking for God in everything and then praising Him for who he is.

Why the Name “Leaving a Legacy?”

When I was a little girl my Great Grandmother Viola took care of my brother, sister and I faithfully for many years.  She taught me so many things as a child… how to crochet, hard work (washing dishes by hand/weeding), a love for gardening and caring for plants, she had a wood~stove for heat and my brother had to help cut & stack wood, and she shared stories all the time.  Stories of growing up on the farm, her sister getting polio, her great grandparents… and she loved pictures.  I remember laying on the floor in the winter & sitting on the lawn swing in the summer perusing through her photo albums that had pictures from generations past.  She would tell us stories of our ancestors and the hard ships of being business owners and farmers.

Twelve years ago when I was pregnant with my first baby I began becoming a scrap~booking fanatic.   The phrase “Leaving A Legacy” came to me then, twelve years ago when I was thinking of opening my own scrap~booking store.  I was going to call it “Leaving a Legacy” because when you die… those photos tell a story… the story of your Legacy, the Legacy of your Family.

After having my 2nd baby everything began going digital and the idea of a store for scrap~booking didn’t seem wise with the forethought of where technology would take Scrap~booking.  So five years I began my first blog… called “Leaving a Legacy.”  The original vision was to scrap~book memories of our family life… for grandparents and for myself and the kids… it was fast, easy, and free.

Slowly my vision changed and I began writing more on Motherhood, Natural Living, Health for Families, Home Schooling, and so on.  As I began seeing the opportunity for ministry from a seat in my kitchen, that could be controlled by me and when I had free time… I felt a calling to share the passions, dreams and thoughts God has placed on my heart over the years of being married to an entrepreneur and raising a family on purpose. I began feeling limited in what I could do with Leaving a Legacy and had begun coaching clients through our company Choose Growth so felt the need for a growing site.

We launched the new “Leaving a Legacy the first weekend of November 2011, but have been “under construction” in some ways since then.  You know, we are ALL under-construction.  We all can grow.  Being introspective and honest about yourself, your faults, your sins can be ugly… but this is a healthy realization that has to occur for growth.

I want to look forward to growing old experiencing a Thriving Marriage and watching the Legacy God has placed on our hearts to pursue come to realization.  I want that for you too!  To Enjoy the Experience of Life that God has gifted you with.  To live with no regrets but cheerful anticipation for the Eternal.

20120512_JG_00508May Your Families Legacy be a Strong Light in this World,