When I met my husband Isaac he was running his own Branch Office through Vector Marketing/ Cutco Cutlery.  Yes, we worked together. He was a young 23 year old man with ambition and drive, and seemed to never need any sleep, because he through himself into his business.  He was going to succeed no matter what.  His people were going to succeed no matter what.  I should have known then what I was getting myself into with this man… but I knew God was calling me to minister to him and be in ministry on this earth with him as his wife.  Since then, life hasn’t slowed down one bit.

The summer before our wedding, Isaac had just graduated University and we were “building” our lively hood… building our District Office from the ground up yet again, but this time together.  We worked hard back in those days.  Up earlier than the crack of dawn, and working late into the twilight.  We really enjoyed working together, then just 4 months after being married we found out we were pregnant with our first.

So my role drastically changed from Assistant Manager/Book keeper, Receptionist Trainer, “Multiple Hat Lady” to stay at home wife who came to all the meetings, entertained co workers in our home and all the behind the scenes admin “stuff.”

Years into the business, Isaac was now running a Division for the company (2 states) and the Lord was still blessings his efforts and expanding his influence. Four years ago, after a year of massive personal growth from studying, reading and seeking God’s will for our life.  Isaac began to pursue making his dreams a reality… to own his own business.  While still running NorPac Division, and leading the way in sales I might add, Isaac and a business partner developed their first web communication tool called WebPdi.  Currently they average a few hundred subscribers and are working on other projects.  Within the same year Isaac began Executive Coaching.  He loved this so much he founded the company we call Choose Growth, which is a company that amplifies thought leaders and is building a university all about business and personal growth.  Then the very next year Isaac took on the project of building Wired Success, which he is the President of currently.  All that while planting a vineyard and having 6 kids.

Yes i am married to a builder… he is quite a visionary man who has to make impact.

He is an entrepreneur at heart.  He is highly intuitive and works for RESULTS.  He doesn’t do well in an environment where progress is stifled… to Isaac, the sky is the limit.  From a birds eye view, I can truthfully say my husband lives out “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Aside from trying to keep up with my husband, I enjoy being his help meet.  I love making impact with him, and engaging in business ideas with my man.  I delight in “working” with him and complementing him when ever I can.  Together we are a better reflection of Christ than if we were alone.  Two truly are better than one.  Over the years of running and building businesses we have had the privilege of ministering to many couples who are running their own businesses as well.  This road of intense productivity can be exhausting, but it is so invigorating.  It makes life worth living.  These busy days, we usually never have a problem getting up early or staying up late… there is just too much purposeful “stuff” that needs to be done.  Making a contribution is just fuel for doing more, to a builder.

My heart pours out with desire to minister to other wives of entrepreneurs.  I know how hard it can be, especially if you fight against it, if you battle letting your husband be who he was designed by God to be.  There is a myth out there that Thriving Marriages & Thriving Businesses can’t coexist. I believe strongly that they can but it takes proactive work.

Isaac and I run Leaders & Executive Marriage Seminars, sharing nuggets of wisdom we’ve learned to help marriages go from Normal or surviving to Thriving.  If you are interested in more information please visit us at Choose Growth.