Five years ago my husband and I decided to pursue fulfilling one of our dreams to own a Vineyard.

We had purchased a few acres along with our property and wanted to “practice” on our smaller plot of land to see if it was “for us.”  It was an experiment with a purpose.  At the time we had five young children seven years old and under and wanted a family project that could be a Legacy.

We considered other crops for our small plot of land, but were drawn to the idea of a small estate Vineyard for many reasons.  Many people have a romantic view of owning a Vineyard, in some ways we have as well.  The profitable aspect of planting, growing, and working a Vineyard was not in how much we could make from it, but what our kids would learn.  Hard Work, as a TEAM.  Diligence without much results for a few years, which in turns helps to build patience. Gentle care for plants and learning viticulture.  The reward though, is that the fun memories of working together over the years won’t go away… and probably for their lifetime, the Vineyard might not either.  Vineyards are one of the only crops that, once planted, you don’t replant again… typically.  Talking about Leaving a Legacy.  I envision my children driving their children down our road and pointing to the Vineyard that they helped to plant and tend for so many years.

Here are pictures of the beginning of our Vineyard Journey.  We planted 1286 one year old vines, as a family.  We rotated jobs.  Some of us were hauling plants, some were digging holes, some were gently planting the vines, while others were watering and staking the vines then covering them with grow tubes.  It was an entire family project. Best day our family has ever had to this day… we were all so driven by the vision that all of us, including the kiddos, worked from noon to nightfall.  In fact, we were still planting while the moon was our night light.  Then we celebrated, taking the kids out to dinner.  What a grand day in the Tolpin Family History.