Our 1st Home Grown Egg!

We got our first Egg Yesterday! We are so thrilled! All that hard work is about to start paying off! Look how small our first egg is compared to store bought eggs!

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2 Weeks Old

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A Special Bond

During this last pregnancy my husband and I had gone back and forth on the decision to let my oldest daughter, Kelsey (who is almost 8 years old), attend the birth of Luke. I got really into educating the kids about how the baby grows in "mommy's tummy" and how the birth process is a beautiful thing that God created our bodies to do. No one else can create babies... only God! We had invested [...]

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Family Angels

We have been so blessed the past couple of months with Family Angels. My mom is staying with us now which is a huge blessing since I am still trying to recover from birth and get used to a family of seven! Isaac's mom and dad have also been down a couple of times this past month to help with maintaining the "farm" and helping me maintain my "sanity." We also recently were blessed by [...]

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Meeting Brother Luke

Megan was so excited to meet her new baby!What a good big sister!Austin, the old pro at being big brother!Kelsey so excited... this picture says it all!Drew, so excited, doesn't know what to expect when he comes home!

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New Buddies

Drew loves his new brother... though he is acting a bit jealous of all the time mommy spends nursing. Overall I think they are going to be great pals!Big brother teaching little brother how to high five!

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Luke Silas Tolpin

He's Arrived!Luke Silas Tolpin was born on Wednesday night July 9th!Stats: Born 7:38pm9lb 9.5oz21 1/2" long14 1/2" head diameter

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4th of July

Family and Laughter!!!

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The Family that Works Together…

and Plays Together...Stays Together...Forever!!!! :0)

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