A Whopping 15lbs!

2 Months and 10 days old!14lbs 15oz25 1/2" longHe is not staying little long!Look at these chubby cheeks!

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Just Hangin’ with the Boyz

Having Precious Brother Bonding Tonight!

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One of the benefits of Home School.. Is real hard play! Those who work together... play together and stay together!

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Thank you Lord for your Beauty and Bounty! The other day I was inspired to take a few photos of the garden and flowers we all worked so far to enjoy this summer. I will miss the bright and vibrant joys of summer flowers and crops... although I look forward to the crisp cool air on my nose and the familiar scents of morning dew, candles burning, cookies, breads, and stews baking...Peppers!Green Beans!!!Corn!What a Blessed [...]

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