Postpartum Hemorrage

As I shared this birth was such an awesome experience. God was so clearly present and in control. There was a peace in the room that can only come from His presence. Now I want to share with you about a new experience I have been learning from. I experienced my first postpartum hemorrhage. After Ethan was born, it took about 45 minutes for my placenta to detach and be birthed. Shortly after that I [...]

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Ethan’s Birth Song

Worship through Music is, for me, the most moving way to feel the presence of God and to experience Him speaking comfort and strength in times when I need Him most.During the typical day, if I am feeling tired, cranky, unappreciated, or any of the other vast emotion of a woman and mother... if I put worship music on... it helps me to get the focus of myself and back where it should be... on [...]

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Upcoming Posts

My next Posts are going to be topics dealing with Birth & Postpartum. I have learned much through my 6 postpartum experiences and feel the Lord asking me to be transparent and real about the struggles as well as the healing I have experienced. Topics I plan on covering: Ethan's Birth Story Postpartum Hemorrhages- Experience & Care Postpartum Homeopathy & Personal Care Bonding, Breastfeeding & Fertility Dealing with Hormones, Anxiety & Emotions Spiritual Rest & [...]

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Labor of Love

"A Labor of Love" Ethan's Birth Story After weeks of feeling like a "ticking time bomb" the day finally arrived. As the Sunday morning bustle commenced, I focused inward, trying to "read" my body. Was this the big day? Kids showering, getting all cleaned up for church, packing bags and all the usual details of the morning, but with added pleasure of Gramma's company. As Sarah & Isaac held down the fort I went for [...]

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Eleven Years & Still Running on Ultra Fast Mode!

Isaac & I are celebrating our 11th year of Marriage today!I joke with him, that since we meet we have been moving at a mile a minute...and I feel like it for sure! 11 years later... love...6 beautiful blessings... delightful hard work... dreams accomplished... still dreamin'... health issues & healing... growth... perserverance... learning... repentance... forgiveness... more love... understanding... team effort... working together...more learning... sin apparent & grace given... living the days on purpose... keeping each [...]

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Drew Bug’s Birthday!

What A Star!Here he is... on his Birthday Date with Mom & Dad! Another August Birthday! Wow am I behind on blogging! Where does the time go when you are recovering from childbirth and have six children???Better Late than Never though...Here are some great pictures of my sweet blessing Drew. He just turned four August 24th and always has a smile on his face!What a year of growth this year was for Drew... Here are [...]

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Learning to Quilt w/ Gramma

While we were in "Waiting" for Ethan to be born...Isaac's Mom came to help out.While she was here she taught Kelsey how to quilt!Here she is at 10 quilting, when her own mom has not even done by 31 years of age!Thanks for coming Sarah, you were a huge help...I still can't believe you and Kelsey got it done in 3 days!

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Ethan @ 8 days old!

My Six Beautiful Blessings!Thank You Jocelyn for coming out and doing such an amazing job "capturing" our family again. I feel so blessed to have these days photographed so when I am older I can reminise with my memories in color (& black & white)!If you are interested in having Jocelyn Gillson out to your home for family photos... you can check her & husbands work out at Rowan Gillson Imagery.They do weddings together, Rowan [...]

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