Building A Thriving Marriage & A Thriving Business Part 1

Dispelling the MythToday I want to dispel the first of a few myths that I believe hurt businesses and marriages.Lie #1: You can't have it all- A Thriving Marriage & A Thriving BusinessTruth: A thriving marriage can help create a thriving business! No, a thriving business doesn't create a thriving marriage.The obvious tip here is to be focused on creating a strong foundation for your marriage from the beginning. Create a Vision and Mission for [...]

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Thriving Marriage & Thriving Businesses Series

I am excited to start this series which I am calling"Building Thriving Marriages & Thriving Businesses"As many of you know, my husband has worked for Cutco for 16 years. That was how we meet. I worked for the company first as a sales rep and then after training to run my own office, Isaac and I were engaged so my focus changed and I became his main Assistant Manager. Together we built our first year [...]

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