"CAUGHT NOT TAUGHT" Make every moment count ...before it passes That's right... Reading time! As a home school mother I have been convicted lately and I thought I would share. As I have been planning the new years activities, curriculum and those sort of things... I felt a conviction to change-up the schedule. You see while we read a ton at our house... there hasn't ever been a need for a "scheduled time [...]

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Thriving Marriages Part 5: Lead Me

Lead Me"I look around and see my wonderful lifeAlmost perfect from the outsideIn picture frames, I see my beautiful wifeAlways smiling, but on the insideOh, I can hear her sayingLead me with strong handsStand up when I can'tDon't leave me hungry for loveChasing dreams, but what about us?Show me you're willing to fightThat I'm still the love of your lifeI know we call this our homeBut I still feel aloneI see their faces, look in [...]

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