The Legacy of Reliance

Casting Our Burdens “When the cares of my heart are many, your consolations cheer my soul.” Psalm 94:19 What do you do?  When the cares of your heart are drowning you, and you feel like you are suffocating because of pressure and stress.  Are you able to give them to God, cast your burdens on him? Are His Words in scripture able to help you let go and move on, on purpose whole and healthy, [...]

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More than Jelly

This past week we harvested around 70 lbs of Concord Grapes from one of my plants that grows around this picket fence surrounding my garden. We were able to make Juice Concentrate for the freezer and TONS of Grape Jelly. At the end of the day after everyone had an opportunity to either remove the grapes, smash them, stir them, strain them, or help with making the jelly... then the whole canning process.  It was [...]

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