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Family Favorite Christmas Books & Traditions

What are your favorite family traditions during the Christmas Season? Some of ours are as simple as reading the same books every year and looking through our Christmas scrapbooks, sharing stories about previous years memories! And who can forget listening to the reading of the story of baby Jesus and singing Silent Night? Of course, we didn't have all of these fabulous books right away when we had children. The collection has grown over the past [...]

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Is Your Child’s Heart Distracted From the True Meaning of Christmas?

When we were young parents we struggled with the whole "Santa" controversy. Do we have Santa bring presents? Or not? Do we get a Christmas tree or not? There are so many decisions we as parents get to {have to} make over the years, and they aren't always easy ones. The reality is that children will most likely believe in what the media influences them to believe or what other children they know believe, unless [...]

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