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When Christians Get Confused About Disputable & Indisputable Issues

I want to open by asking you a few questions: Do you believe the God wants us all to look the same? Does He desire us to be the same? To live the same?  Does He expect us to believe the same things?  As humans we mistakenly group questions like this all together, expecting the same answer.   Some of us can't possibly fathom that God could desire us to live in unity, yet delight in our [...]

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Advice & Resources for Christian Parents on Evaluating Movies

  Parenting isn't always easy. In fact, most of the time it is the down right hardest job on the planet. The decisions that parents are faced with on a daily basis don't always have a right or wrong, cookie-cutter answer. For example, what might be ok or even beneficial for one child, might be harmful or inappropriate for another. This can leads parents to a place of frustration and even just plain wanting to [...]

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Why We Do Not Recommend the Minions Movie

Disclaimer: Movies land in one of those "disputable issues" categories. My intention in writing this post is not to create controversy, nor is it to condemn anyone for taking their children to this movie. Simply put, I have felt a burden on my heart to write this post since we took our son to watch it. I posted a few pictures of us going to see the movie on social media in celebration of his birthday [...]

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Reasons Why So Many Are Not Speaking Up About Same-Sex Marriage

There is a silence among some. I'm sure you have thought at one point or another in the past week, "I haven't seen many people from the Christian community writing about the same-sex marriage ruling." I sure have. Even those one would expect to speak up on an issue like the Supreme Court ruling last week are simply silent? Why? 1. Fear 2. Confusion 3. A Grieving Spirit 4. Love Let's Expose the Fear This topic [...]

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