Building Thriving Marriages & Thriving Businesses Part 3

HospitalityOne of the most obvious ways to be involved in your husband's business is through Hospitality. This message is for women, all women who are married, regardless of their husband's career choice. There is always some way we can reach out, if our husbands can get into the thought of "reaching out" to those God puts in their path on a daily basis. However, I must say that in our personal experience it has been [...]

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Building A Thriving Marriage & A Thriving Business Part 2

Dispelling Yet Another LieLie#2: People who have successful businesses must have sacrificed their marriage & family life or compromised something, somewhereTruth: Some may have. Some will and some do, and they will struggle in their personal life because of their decisions and actions (in the Bible its called sowing & reaping). However, that doesn't have to be you. I don't believe God would ever ask you to sacrifice your marriage or family for a business. [...]

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Building A Thriving Marriage & A Thriving Business Part 1

Dispelling the MythToday I want to dispel the first of a few myths that I believe hurt businesses and marriages.Lie #1: You can't have it all- A Thriving Marriage & A Thriving BusinessTruth: A thriving marriage can help create a thriving business! No, a thriving business doesn't create a thriving marriage.The obvious tip here is to be focused on creating a strong foundation for your marriage from the beginning. Create a Vision and Mission for [...]

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Thriving Marriage & Thriving Businesses Series

I am excited to start this series which I am calling"Building Thriving Marriages & Thriving Businesses"As many of you know, my husband has worked for Cutco for 16 years. That was how we meet. I worked for the company first as a sales rep and then after training to run my own office, Isaac and I were engaged so my focus changed and I became his main Assistant Manager. Together we built our first year [...]

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