Happy Birthday Austin!

My second child, my first born son turned seven yesterday!

Here are some highlights from celebrating with him…Our date night with Austin…

Dinner @ California Pizza Kitchen, a trip to Home Depot to use his birthday gift certificate from Gramma and Grampa (Thanks guys… great idea)… adding to his tool collection… a trip to the bank to exchange all Austin’s coins from over the past year or so. He has basic chores around the house like all the kids which they do not get paid for and then we pay for extra chores such as extra weeding, cleaning the garbage cans out, scrubbing walls in laundry room. He saved $134 after tithing and was excited to buy a new bike since he outgrew his other one. He gave the old one to his little brother Drew today!

Drew made Austin Magnets for his locker!

Megan built and painted a bug catcher for Austin! (FYI: great date idea… home depot does FREE building worksops for kids the first Saturday of every month)

Kelsey sewed Austin an Apron for cooking in the kitchen As his gift… her first sewing project all by herself…

Austin and his buddy Owen…
These guys have enjoyed a friendship for a good 3.5 years now..
its so fun to watch them grow up together!