Kelsey is so fired up!!! Nine Eggs so far today! Eleven chickens!!!She sold her first "extra" dozen last week to Uncle Tim.

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Drew’s Two!

Happy Birthday Drew!We were at a friends Baptism @ Battle ground Lake on Drew's 2nd Birthday and then went to my parents house for dinner and birthday cake!For the past couple of years my birthday present from my brother Tim and his girlfriend Tonya has been homemade Fish & Chips for dinner. It is an awesome gift not to have to cook for a night and to eat such great food!Thanks guys!

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What Have the Tolpins been Up To????

You may have been wondering what have the Tolpins been up to? Haven't heard much from them lately! Well, finally getting a grip on being a family of seven... took some adjusting I must say! That and we have recently been gutting our laundry room for remodel...We have been harvesting and freezing all sorts of produce!We are trying to enjoy as much of the rest of the summer as possible. It will be rainy here [...]

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Baptism in the Lake!

Sunday we had the awesome priviledge of supporting our neighbor as he got baptized at Battleground Lake! Jesse accepted the Lord into his life about a month ago and it was so excited and tear jerking too witness his baptism and the transformation we have been witnessing in his life. Jesus saves and changes so many lives!Congrats Jesse!

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Pray for Mom

I can't believe this has happened...As you know my grandma recently had emergency brain surgery to remove an aneurysm. Well, my mom went to stay with her to take care of her for a week and a half and while there she fell and broke her ankle. She didn't know it was broken until she got back and went to see her doctor. Now I am requesting prayer for speedy recovery... tomorrow she is going [...]

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A Day of Fun and Being Spoiled!

Today was my 29th Birthday!What a Special Birthday this year!I have to say a special thank you to my hubby and brag about what he did for me this year. He really scored points!!!My husband, Isaac, planned a day off for me on Friday. He watched the kids from 12-9 so I could go have a fun day with one of my dearest friends Kristi! We had so much fun... Isaac treated us to pedicures [...]

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Special Visitors

Grandpa Jim, Grandma Cathy & Abelcame to visit us yesterday and to meet baby Luke for the first time!It was so great to see them and spend time together!We Love You Guys!Grandma Cathy enjoying tiny little Luke!

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He’s one month old today!

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She’s Eight!

Kelsey had her Eighth birthday on Sunday!She got a special date with mommy and daddy and got to pick out a new bike and have her very first Root Beer Float! WooHoo! Austin making his big sister a birthday card! She also got a special date with Nana & Papa to Cold Stone Creamery! What a blessed girl! Then on Wednesday we had a little birthday party with some good friends... the Knifongs!Here is a [...]

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Big Boy!

Yesterday we had our 3 week check up...What a Big Boy!10lbs 11ozWow!1 more pound and he is in 3-6 month clothes already!AH!!!

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