A Visit From Grampa Jim, Gramma Cathy & Abel

This past weekend we had a special surprise visit from Isaac's Dad and Family! It was great fun!Friday we went to the Children's Museum and Saturday we went Bowling!What a great time we had. Here are some fun pictures!

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Smashing Hit

"Rejected No More" was a smashing hit! I ended up taking the girls on the outing to see the play. We enjoyed the entertainment as well as the message that was so respectfully depicted of Ruth in the Bible. God Bless you Barclay family and all who participated in bringing this blessing to us! Can't wait to see what is in store for next year!

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Rejected No More

When: March 26- April 4Where: Mt. Hood Community College TheatreTo Learn more and buy tickets go here.A wonderful chance to take your kids to a play written, choreographed, and acted out by people from our church. Last year went to see Chosen Destiny, a play put on by the same group, a play about the story of Esther. This years production is about the story of Ruth. This year Isaac is taking the girls on [...]

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Sick Kids

In case you have been wondering where in the world I have been...We have had a very busy and tiring couple of weeks.Isaac traveling and sick kids has keep me exhausted and away from the computer!Please keep my littlest Luke in your prayers. He is fighting pneumonia.I am sure in a week or two things will be better and I will be back.God Bless!

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Merry Christmas!

What a joyous time of year! The celebration of Our Savior's birth! Isn't awesome that the Father of Heaven and Earth, came to us in the form of a baby, fully human and yet fully God! I find it spectacular that God is glorified in the fact that all over the world people are celebrating CHRISTmas! Even when unbelievers are only celebrating the over commercialized, misleading message of Santa which distracts from the true and [...]

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His First Tooth

He lost his first Tooth!

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Happy Birthday Megan!

Megan turned four today! We had some good friends over for a play date and a birthday party tonight here in Portland!What a blessed girl to have a party up in Port Townsend as well!

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Thanksgiving in P Town

We are thankful for FAMILY!

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4 Months Old!

He Still has My Eyes!All of my children have my husband'sbig brown gorgeous eyes!Statistically I should have one blue eyed babyby now!There is still hope!He is 4 Months old and still hasMommy's Blue Eyes!

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Happy Birthday Isaac!

We celebrated Isaac's 33rd birthday yesterday!Events of the Week:Monday we went shopping for daddy's bday presents.Each Kid picked out 2 new screw drivers!Monday night Kelsey and I went out to buy a special gift from Mommy!Tuesday morning I cooked Isaac a special birthday breakfast while the kids wrapped each new gift and decorated the kitchen with streamers.Daddy came down for his birthday breakfast and then that evening we ate the birthday cake that Megan, Austin [...]

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