Frodo, Sam & Starlight

Our friends, the Williamson Family, have 3 very cute additions to their farm as of 2 weeks ago.Frodo, Sam, and Starlight... triplets! They are so cute and fun for kids to pet! If you are interested in very good, fresh goat milk or goat cheese contact me and I can get you connected with them.Congrats Kelly and Family! Thanks for letting us come and see the kids!

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Swimming is Over Until Next Fall

Summer is here and our yearly activities have come to an end! I am so excited to really grasp summer for what it is... working outside, fun in the sun and hands on school-like activities!Here are some fun photos of the kids at their last swimming class!Enjoy!Next Fall four of the kids will get to swim! Yeah!

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Happy Mother’s Day!

I hope all you moms had a wonderful Mother's Day!Often times women in today's culture buy into the belief that Mother's Day means I can relax and milk this day for all its worth.I used to believe that myth and when I didn't get what I expectedI experienced massive disappointment that often led to resentment or bitterness.The new me that has had a completely humbling realization from past Mother's Days...had decided to make this the [...]

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Hands For Life Workshop

If you are burdened by the downward spiral our country and world have been taking over the last century in regards to the sanctity of life....the this FREE Workshop is for YOU!This Friday and Saturday at Crossroads Church in Portland!Have you ever felt helpless in Really making a difference in regards to saving the lives of the unborn that are brutally murdered every day?Have you wondered what can be done?As a believer, who believes in [...]

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My Mom

My mom has many hidden talents... when I was younger she had a garden, she canned peaches, pears and pickles... she did cross stitch and knit. When I was really little she used to sew some of my clothes.She used to teach Sonlight Fitness, which was an aerobics class at church.She plays the flute and has a beautiful voice... which she loves to bless and praise the Lord with.As I grew up my mom had [...]

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Seed Growth

So Here is an Update on our couple hundred seedlings...Things were growing beautifully...Until....Plant Enemy #1That is right.... remember when I said how much fun and how educational growing starts were??? Well, I take it back... just kidding, but I really did have quite the morning Friday. I was so upset I could have completely lost it. You know those moments when you think you should correct your child because what they did was wrong, but [...]

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Finally! After 13 weeks of making bread I finally made one that didn't look like a hockey puck. They were all eatable... they tasted the same... they just didn't look right!But here it is...I found out that I was killing the yeast. I was using water that was too hot and I was letting it knead for ten minutes in my Kitchen Aid Mixer. So now I have a beautifully yummy Red Hard Wheat Bread [...]

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Slip N Slide in April?

What a Beautiful day! We pulled out the Slip N Slide today! Never before have we even dreamed of swimsuits and hose water in April, but here we are totally enjoying the break from the heat on a very hot day!

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48 Yards

Kids Playing in the DIRT! In the big Hill of Dirt!Drew has played in the dirt everyday since it was delivered and every time we start shoveling to take the dirt to the vineyard he gets upset and yells..."DON'T TAKE MY DIRT!!!"We've had work to do! 48 yards of compost to be put out on the vineyard!This time we hired help... the kids are a bit small to load all 48 yards into wheelbarrows, though [...]

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Sparrow Tracks

Today the kids and I went to my friend Shawn's home to see how she makes the journals she sells for her business "Sparrow Tracks." She finds old and worn books and recycles them into journals and sells them here. I have bought journals from Shawn a couple of times for myself and as gifts. The average price is $16 without shipping, but if you are local you may find them in a couple of [...]

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