If you are burdened by the downward spiral our country and world have been taking over the last century in regards to the sanctity of life….

the this FREE Workshop
is for YOU!
This Friday and Saturday at Crossroads Church in Portland!
Have you ever felt helpless in Really making a difference in regards to saving the lives of the unborn that are brutally murdered every day?
Have you wondered what can be done?
As a believer, who believes in trying to live out the virtues stated in the beatitudes… “Blessed are the Peacemakers,” I have often struggled with the question “What would Jesus Do?” In regards to abortion and their clinics in general.
I know that He would not just say He believes something is wrong and do nothing!
I know that God calls us to action!
But what Actions are godly?
It seems their is a huge gap in the Pro Life/ Christian community today.
Their are those extremists who are seemingly dangerous and are unfortunately often giving Christ or Christian a bad name through their violent approaches…
then there are those who believe abortion is evil (or wrong) and would of course vote against abortion, pray for the unborn and for those ministries they know of that help support the unborn, maybe participate in a walk a thon, or donate money to the cause… even this doesn’t seem like enough!
So what can we non- violent peacemaking followers of Christ who have a sorrowful heart for the victimized unborn and their mothers do?
What are some practical ways we can help the unborn and their mommies?

If you have ever been burdened for the aborted and their mothers this workshop is for YOU!

Hands for Life is hosting a Workshop
When: This Weekend
Friday 6:30-9:30pm
Saturday 7:15am-4pm
Where: Crossroads Church
2505 NE 102nd Ave
Portland, Or 97220

For Information and registration go to

Keynote Speakers
Denny & Claire Hartford
Vital Signs Ministries
for background info go to their website at

P.S. The Steps For Life Walk-A-Thon is coming up Saturday May 16th
Our family will be walking again this year! I will be posting in a couple days about how you can particpate as a Sponsor!