I hope all you moms had a wonderful Mother’s Day!
Often times women in today’s culture buy into the belief that Mother’s Day means I can relax and milk this day for all its worth.
I used to believe that myth and when I didn’t get what I expected
I experienced massive disappointment that often led to resentment or bitterness.
The new me that has had a completely humbling realization from past Mother’s Days…
had decided to make this the best Mother;s Day ever… enjoying those who made me a mom in the first place.
Releasing myself from expectations allows me to truly enjoy whatever blessings surprise me. You know what I have found…
When you don’t expect much…
much is given!

My children so blessed me today… by the presence and their gifts! They were all especially helpful in one way or another… trying extra hard to show me they loved me by being helpful.
Kelsey made me this delicious Raspberry Tart (all by herself) from scratch! It was divine!

This morning the kids had decorated the kitchen and made breakfast…
Then to my surprise they had gifted me with these beautiful trellises and this enormous pot!
Then to top it off, Isaac hired someone to till the back field for me so I could plant my corn crop, pumpkins, sunflowers, and other yummy crops!
Then the kids and I transplanted two more rows of corn and weeded together. We were so productive! It was great fun! Thanks for the help kids!
Isn’t it amazing!

What a crazy Mother’s Day!
Thank you honey for making my day so beautiful and thank you kids for all your hard work and for my sweet gifts!
I know I am very blessed and I feel a little bit bad sharing all the blessings I received today because I know how I have struggled through the years with comparing myself and my situation with other moms. I really hope that whatever your Mother’s Day was like you enjoyed your family and made memories together.
To God Be the Glory!