My mom has many hidden talents… when I was younger she had a garden, she canned peaches, pears and pickles… she did cross stitch and knit. When I was really little she used to sew some of my clothes.

She used to teach Sonlight Fitness, which was an aerobics class at church.
She plays the flute and has a beautiful voice… which s
he loves to bless and praise the Lord with.
As I grew up my mom had less time for things like teaching aerobics, gardening, and sewing… she became the taxi cab driver to our sporting events, choir, and band concerts. It is funny how you don’t really remember what it was like when you were little. I remember some things like chasing our bunny around in the back yard while my mom worked in her vegetable garden. I remember the kitchen’s sweet aroma when she was canning peaches… hmmm! Unfortunately I don’t really remember her sewing. I knew she did it because I had the clothes to prove it… Sadly, I didn’t have the heart to learn these things from my mother when I was younger. Now I wish more than anything I knew how to do these things!

So this past Friday she came over to help me learn how to use my new sewing machine (it was my Christmas present from Isaac).
I started with making Megan a pair of pjs.

Here is Kelsey and Nana at the machine…

Kelsey learned how to make pot holders.

Thanks mom for taking the day off to teach us how to sew. I know we have a long way to go… but it was a good start! Thanks for getting me going!

Mom, you have so many gifts and so many things to teach people… I hope you know how much I love you and can’t wait to learn more of your “hidden talents.”

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!
I Love You!