What a joyous time of year! The celebration of Our Savior’s birth! Isn’t awesome that the Father of Heaven and Earth, came to us in the form of a baby, fully human and yet fully God! I find it spectacular that God is glorified in the fact that all over the world people are celebrating CHRISTmas! Even when unbelievers are only celebrating the over commercialized, misleading message of Santa which distracts from the true and only real reason for celebration on December 25th… they are still giving glory to God by participating in CHRISTMAS! IT IS JESUS HUMBLE BIRTH THAT IS BEING CELEBRATED!
Does anyone know of any other religion where their god came to earth, walked with them and has a birthday that is world widely celebrated every year… even by unbelievers?
Glory to our God!
Thank you Lord for being Real and coming here to walk among your people, teaching us by your example. Thank you Lord for saving us from ourselves (our pride, our selfishness, and all our sins)! I pray that this country and world come to truly know who you are and repent of the sins we have collectively committed. Lord, give us repentant hearts! Make us all aware of our sin and of the Amazing GRACE you so FREELY OFFER ALL OF US!