How do you Choose a Mentor?

Tips to Choosing Wisely:

1.) Pray

This might seem obvious, but it is necessary because God may have someone else in store for you than who you have in mind.  We need to be willing to let Him provide… I have been abundantly blessed by mentors God brought into my life when I needed them most and didn’t even know it.

We need to pray for God to bring a Titus 2 woman who is going to really truly, purposefully be a Titus 2 woman teaching, training, correcting us, as iron sharpens iron, Biblically we need godly older women to learn from being proactive in our lives… it is God’s design for the older generation to be an encouragement and to teach us and we need to be humble enough to accept their training and correction.  So pray for humility.  All of us younger women (anyone under one hundred and twenty years) need to have a heart of humility to ask someone to mentor us.

If you are of teaching authority on something, recognize you are above reproach, take it seriously, be intentional.  All godly mentors have a healthy amount of humility. Everyone is older than someone.  I am older than many in my thirties, and there are many women older than me.  Much of what I have learned over the years, I have learned from gleaning wisdom from wise women gone before me, and from choosing to learn from them.  I still see a huge gap in my life when I am not proactively meeting with someone regularly.   We need to be honest and aware.  Pray for God to make you aware!  

Don’t be afraid to ask God SPECIFICALLY!  Be Honest with God, ask Him to provide the right woman for you to be encouraged by and learn from!

If you have not experienced the awesome benefit of having a mentor in your life, start pursuing this blessing God has waiting for you today by praying for Him to provide!

In the Journey Together,