To Delight: to gain a high degree of pleasure or enjoyment; joy; something that gives a great pleasure.

When God made the world he took delight in his creation when “he saw that it was good” (Gen. 1-2). One of the Core essential tenants of our faith is to “delight” in the Lord.  Delight in His wonders, His works, His creation, in who He is.  I think the Lord is delighted Himself, when He sees us “delighting” in things.  In fact, I think the Lord takes delight watching us delight when we accomplish something that He has called us to.  And He delights in watching us delight in our children. Simply, it brings Him joy.

You know that smile that you can not contain when you are watching your child delight in something they can do… or when you are watching your little one just running around in circles and laugh to the worship music… or when you are watching your children tickling and enjoying being together… I really believe that God has a uncontainable joy when he watches us delighting in our children in the same way we have an uncontainable joy in watching our child delight in something.

This concept of taking joy in our children is so fundamental in parenting.  We can get so distracted by “busy” life  or social media, or even other friendships that we don’t take time to make our best relationships be the ones in our family.  I am sure many of my friends feel like I have no time for them, it’s not that I don’t love them, I do… it’s that my time is spent most wisely  pouring into the seven other people in my home right now.  I have had to cancel “time out or coffee out with a friend” simply because that day was full of child training for one particular child and I felt I needed to be home purposefully looking for an opportunity to delight in him/her. Otherwise the day just didn’t feel complete.  On the other hand, there have been those times when I didn’t cancel a date with my husband, selfishly needing time to connect and then the entire time I am out I feel this burden on my heart to connect with that child.  Have you ever felt those moments? 

I really feel that a lot of those feelings come when we don’t “connect” with our child enough times in a joy-filled, enjoying them kind of way.  So, I would like to challenge myself and you, if you are with me, to purposefully look to “delight” in our children in an intentional way  at least three times everyday (per child). Of course, we need to try to delight in them way more than that, but we have to start somewhere!

Blessings in the Journey of Life!


Let’s Be Intentional in Delighting!