Every year we are inspired to think about what we are most thankful for. And the people we love are one of the obvious thoughts that come to mind. I’m certain that people who have the primary love language of gift giving/receiving had to have been the ones who started the traditions of giving gifts during the holidays.

Gift giving is not my primary love language, however, I do feel valued and loved when someone took the time to find a gift that speaks, “I know you and love you for who you are.”  Don’t we all feel this way?

Regardless if your love language is giving gifts or not, choosing to love another and appreciate them the way they would feel most appreciated {not the way you would} is the best gift you can give. But that takes knowing someone. I mean really knowing someone.

But sometimes when I am out shopping, I draw a blank on what gift would be the perfect one for them. Does that every happen to you?

So I decided to make a little list of some of my {and our families} favorite things and just for fun, I am going throw in a little giveaway of some of them as well! What I love best is hearing from others what gifts they have appreciated over the years, so as you take some of our favorite ideas, please leave yours in the comments! 🙂

I’m going to call it the…



So let’s share with one another!

What are the best gifts you have gotten or given?

What  are your favorite things? What products, books, or games does your family just LOVE that would be good ideas to share with others?

Please share in the comments below or connect with us on Facebook and share your ideas with the community there!


Since I am giving away 4 gifts, we will be picking 4 winners! I am offering Redeeming Childbirth, because it is a discipleship tool to encourage expectant moms in the childbearing season. And in light of the reason for the season, the Birth of our Lord Jesus, I thought it was an appropriate gift!
Maybe you know someone pregnant? Give the gift of Redeeming Childbirth today!

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Purposeful Giving


We were never big Black Friday shoppers, then a few of my children became youth and wanted to spend their own money on gifts. Once they found out there was a HUGE sale day, of course they had to try it out. So last year I went Black Friday shopping for the first time in years. That was when I quickly realized I needed to be intentional with teaching my children to be purposeful gift givers.  So that, instead of running around like chickens with our heads cut off on Black Friday, we would try to get our gift shopping done throughout the year. As we saw something that reminded us of that person or we thought they could use, we would get the gift then. This has made gift shopping so much less stressful and more meaningful because the gifts came from the heart… we had that person on own mind and in our heart when we saw the particular gift!


The other aspect to gift giving we have been trying to implement is supporting local businesses and fair trade companies/ministries that work to spread the gospel or support mothers and children living in difficult circumstances. There are so many amazing companies out there, but here are a few below. And no, I am not getting paid to recommend these… I just believe in what they are doing. 🙂 I encourage you to bop around these websites… check out their story, who they minister to, and then get your kids to watch their videos and be touched by their story too.






Teaching Our Children How to Pick the Right Gift


Picking just the right gift isn’t always easy. And if you just can’t think of that perfect thing for someone, donate to a mission in their name! It’s a great way to minimize on the consumerism in our world during the holidays, as well as helping to keep the focus on the gospel {by living it out}.


Have you ever gone shopping with a little child? As soon as they see something they want, they burst out with excitement suggesting to get it for someone else in the family! How many times have I talked to little ones suggesting that, “No, Nana probably doesn’t want a G.I. Joe for her birthday.” We have  a great opportunity to teach our children to be purposeful in their giving. Teaching them to balance, both being consciously aware of where our money is going, not getting caught up in consumerism, and giving something intentional that the other person will feel valued. Teaching our children to have a giving heart doesn’t happen by choosing to be above consumerism and not participate in giving. But rather finding opportunities to give meaningful gifts at the right time, to those whom you feel called to give to {whether it is family or strangers}.


The best way to teach your children is to simply involve them. Help them to buy or make gifts for friends, family, or those in need if they feel prompted. If you go the buying route, I have found that the gift giving is even more meaningful if the child who is giving has paid for it with money they have earned themselves. So offer to give your children jobs to earn money that are above and beyond their regular responsibilities. You will witness a great joy in giving awaken in your child, and it’s just beautiful.


Gift Basket Ideas


What about family gifts? Maybe there is a family, your family is close to? Gift baskets are always great ideas. The first ten years or so that Isaac and I were married we sent our families gift baskets that had something in them everyone could enjoy along with group gifts, like cookies and games! It’s a great way to keep costs down, personalize it, and still make them feel loved and thought of.


I am going to share with you a few companies, products, and books that our family has enjoyed over the years. Hopefully this will aid you in your search for gifts.


Ideas for Grandparents


Over the years of birthdays and Christmas’, one’s home can begin to feel overwhelmed with stuff. Us parents today really don’t want our children to be spoiled and we understand that to a grandparent, it isn’t about “spoiling” as much as it is blessing. Right?! But over the years, I have tried to be bold with certain family members that love to give gifts, encouraging them, that if THEY MUST give gifts, I would prefer them to get more intentional gifts from certain companies. So I am going to give you the list of companies I have shared with our family over the years! If you have little grandchildren, they companies toys are better made, so they last longer. They also have a larger variety of LEARNING products. Since toys can be a learning tool, I have always appreciated getting toys with a purpose. 🙂







Favorite Family Read-Aloud Book/Audio Series:

Favorite Family Games:

**Amazon Affiliate links attached above, at no additional cost to you. Instead, some of the price goes to support this ministry rather than Amazon. 😉

Other Great Gift Ideas:

  • Coffee Basket {French Press, Favorite Coffee & Chocolate}

  • Movie Basket {Movie Tickets, Popcorn, Red Vines, or whatever their fav candy is}

  • Game Basket {Favorite Game, extra dice, & a treat}

  • Car Trip/Vacation Basket {Lamplighter Radio Theatre, Audio Book, Car Bingo, or other Traveling Game}

I hope your gift giving is edifying and that as you seek to bring joy to others, that the Lord would fill your heart abundantly!

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