This forth of July we enjoyed the company of some very good friends, the Knifong family, the Dawsons, and home on furlough from Indonesia, Dave & Joy Forney and their kids!
It was such a Special Reunion for us all. We haven’t seen the Forney’s since they went home to Indonesia after the twins were born about two years ago.
It is such a delight to see how the kids have grown and how they can all reconnect even after years of not seeing each other.

We had a delightful night of BBQing, smores around the fire pit, wonderful conversation and then fireworks!
I wouldn’t want to do anything else!
I just wanted to say a special thank you and blessing to Jim & Ann Dawson, who dedicated so many years to serving as the Leaders of the Families Matter Mini Church at GSCC. If it weren’t for their obedience and desire to see young families grow and connect our three families and more may not have ever met… or at least had such a rich experience years ago. May the Lord Bless your marriage and family for the sacrifices you made to serve so many. If it weren’t for the mentor ship that you both have given Isaac and I over the years… we may not be who we are today… and their is no telling if we would have gotten connected to our closest friends. It is neat to see how God has used you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. We Love You and will always be dear to our hearts!

May God protect our friendships so we can glorify Him as we encourage one another and pray for one another!