Merry Christmas

We as a family want to wish you a very Merry Christmas! It has been seven years since we sent out a Christmas “letter.” Since so much has changed in our lives this year, I thought I would give ya’ll a Bullet Point Update!

~ Ethan (2.5 yrs) is so much fun and I’m a sucker for those cute little dimples! One of my favorite Ethan phrases is, “I hoooold you!” But nothing is quite as cute as him standing with his hands raised, eyes closed (super-duper tight), singing his little heart out to Jesus during family worship.

~Luke (4.5 yrs) is very compassionate and sensitive. He has the most contagious laugh and loves giving gifts {he is always wrapping something to give someone}!

~Drew (6.5 yrs) is our little farmer. He has recently taken over the care of the chickens and they are thriving! He LOVES playing soccer on Fridays with the kids at co-op!

~Megan (8) is in her 3rd yr of piano! She loves anything girly or crafty, and has become quite the little mama to her three younger brothers. She is our social butterfly!

~Austin (9.5 yrs) interests include, guitar, piano, video editing, building things, jumping on the trampoline, driving the tractor, Masters School of art, going to work with dad, and public speaking/presentations (CC).

 ~Kelsey (12.5 yrs) is in Challenge A in CC this year, which is a lot of hard work (8 subjects including EIW & Latin). She is in her 3rd yr @ MSOA and loves Vocal ensemble & Acrylic Painting. Her interests & extra-curricular activities include piano (7th yr), sewing, cooking, baking & gardening.

~Angie has continued home schooling, for the 8th year now. Last November she felt God call her to begin writing more intentionally as a ministry from kitchen desk!

 ~Isaac has shifted to devoting all his business time towards Choose Growth and Throwing Boulders! And is currently writing his book, “Choose Growth.”

~Together, Isaac and Angie run Leaders Marriage Seminars utilizing the Core Values Index in their teaching as well as Choose Growth Strategies for visioneering together as a marriage team.

~The Vineyard is growing beautifully and the property looks great {in the summer}, but we have yet to harvest our first grapes! Looking forward to potentially getting some 2013.

We are so thankful God put you in our lives! We’re in awe of His goodness to us and can’t wait to see what is in store next!

May the love and peace of the Lord be upon you,

Isaac & Angie Tolpin

Kelsey, Austin, Megan, Drew, Luke & Ethan