We had a great time at OMSI the other day with Nana, Aunt Katie and Gigi! It is always fun when Gigi comes to visit because we always try to do something like this!
The have a great dinosaur/ fossil exhibit there right now. The kids got to make their own “stream” with sand, little trees, houses, boulders, etc… It was a blast! There were archaeologists working on fossils right there that could answer any questions you had as well.

Of course we went to the baby development area as well to see the how the baby grows in your tummy. Very “real” for my kids right now being we are anticipating birth anytime in the next few weeks! Earlier that morning we all went to my prebirth appointment at the Waterbirth center. The kids are enveloped in “baby” moments right now.

The kids played in an old space shuttle!

We loved the physics lab as well. Here is Drew totally focused on his helicopter plane!

Thanks for going with us and making this big adventure so fun Gigi, Nana & Katie!

Gigi leaves today! We will all miss you as you head back to Arizona!