Allergies, colds and a horrible cough!

The night before last Luke woke up around 3 am with a horrible cough.
It was one of those coughs that gags and scares a parent into bringing the child to bed with you.
After trying water and seemingly appropriate homeopathies an hour later he was still coughing and gagging… about every 20-40 seconds.

I looked up alternative treatments for whopping cough in my homeopathy books and learned about an Onion Poultice.
peeld yellow onion clipart image
So at around 4 am I went downstairs and proceeded to cook one up.
To my Surprise and Delight
It worked like a Miracle!
His coughing stopped right away… and Luke Loved it! He didn’t squirm at all…. just cuddled in my arms with the poultice on his chest and neck, looking up at me with a grin every now and again.
Here’s how to make an Onion Poultice:

Saute diced yellow onion in a little olive oil
Place onion into a wash cloth
when it is cooled down enough (test with elbow)
place compress (cloth & onion) on chest and neck until it cools down

Amazingly, the onion retain there heat for a little more than an hour

I know this sounds crazy… but when you are desperate… you’ll even get up in the middle of the night to dice up and saute onion