Proclaiming Amen Together!

One aspect of community that I believe is largely under-utilized is the ability to come together in prayer. It is much more comfortable for “most” to have a personal intimate prayer time with the Lord, but when it comes to truly opening up with those honest authentic prayer requests in front of others that is when “authenticity” is challenged.

What better way to truly know what is on the heart of your husband, your child, or your brother and sister in Christ… then to pray together? Idealistic isn’t it? I wish it were so– how I long for all to experience that free and uninhibited collaborative, responsive, and nurturing prayer within community. My closest friendships are those that I can be truly open and honest with were the ugliness of my heart is at, and instead of judging me or looking at me with a blank stare, they wash me in the word and in prayer. How thankful I am for those friends that speak truth into my lives when I am in sin, who know my intentions, and my heart, believe the best of me and love me with all my flaws.

But is community always like this? Even within the church? Is it ever truly like this, often?

I have recently been praying about “prayer”. I have personally been focused on prayer and re-evaluating my relationships from an authentic perspective and one question I have been asking myself is this– “Is God the center of my relationship with this person? Do we pray for one another, hoping the best for one another, or is it a purely surface relationship? Am I starting out my new relationships with the strong foundation by praying for my new friends? Am I caring about my long time friends and remembering to be praying for them? Then here is the doosey…

Outside of Bible Study, shared meals, or church do I pray consistently with the saints, for the saints in my life? Do I pray with my friends? Do I pray with my husband? Do I pray with my children? And not just simple prayer, although that is a good start… but am I vulnerable with them in prayer?

So today, and like every Sunday through the rest of November and December of 2012– I am going to collectively offer up Leaving a Legacy as a place of prayer. So that those who are not in community can have the opportunity to pray collectively proclaiming AMEN together. If you have a blog, you are invited to link up your prayer. If not, you are welcome to leave your prayer or prayer request in the comments. The goal is to come together.

Lord, I pray that you would bring us together as the body of Christ. I pray for authentic community, openness, love and acceptance. I pray for idols to be broken, I pray for hearts and bodies to be healed, I pray for unity among the nations, and I pray for your glory to shine on this earth. You are an “AWESOME” God. May we all experience growth in you through being real with our brothers and sisters. May we know more of who You through sharing in authentic community. Help us to be more like you and follow your example of true community. May we have a heart to serve, to love, to forgive, to give, and to embrace and engage community. Teach us what that is supposed to look like and forgive us for how we mess it up. Thank you for the gift you gave us in one another– let us not take for granted the great blessing we have in the Body of Christ. AMEN