If any of you follow on social media, you have probably seen me share about the online biblical study, Redeeming the Division: The Quiet Fight Between Women.

I am so excited to share with you that the course is released and we are so excited about the final product and the potential ways God could use it!

Exciting News

Right now, we have almost 50 people going through the course: bloggers, authors, pastors, pastor’s wives, and other women from all over the nation. And the testimonies we are getting from them are so encouraging! It has been confirmed over and over again the timing of this topic and I am so excited that it is in a platform that enables busy women to really engage with the material at whatever pace they can or want, plus, we are working diligently on getting a Group Leader Kit completed that will coach people through using this course as a tool for leading a small group through it! I want to give a huge shout out to my amazing launch team that is helping me to get the word out about the course this month! Thanks, everyone!


Why am I so passionate about this topic? And why you should be too?

If you were to ask someone who writes about a specific issue and ask them why they were driven to do what they do, or write what they write, most people would eventually conclude that it comes down to two things: calling and personal conviction from experience. A mentor of mine once told me that we are given authority over that which attempts to control us, tempt us, or bring us down once we fight the battle and come out on the other side. Since I experienced my own first personal struggle about 15 years ago, I have had it on my mind and heart to set out to bring the Lord glory in all things, but especially to partner with Him in redeeming the ugly and hard trials, sufferings, mistakes, and sins I have committed and experienced first hand.

In no way do I view myself as flawless. In fact, I am most hard on myself because I’m so aware of my sins. I am still on this journey of learning what it means to love and view myself the way God does: as holy, beloved, chosen, and a beautiful daughter of the King, because, you see, the Enemy doesn’t want us to believe these truths.

The enemy wants us to feel the weight and ugliness of our sin, and sometimes we allow others the power to have influence over how we view ourselves. We allow others’ accusations and judgments of us to permanently scar our view of ourselves.

This struggle has been the story of my life. It started as a little girl when a boy I had a crush on told people I had big ears. I was forever scarred by the belief that I had big ears and tried to hide them. Then there was the time I moved and changed schools, struggled to make friends and the girls’ glances not only scarred me, but made me feel inferior. The funny thing is that as you grow up, these conflicts still occur and they hurt just as much, don’t they?

People often assume things, make judgements based upon what they see on the outside. For example, many make the conclusion that if you have many children, you must think everyone should. Or if you homeschool, you must think everyone should. And those assumptions are not only not true, but completely judgemental. In fact, I believe that the Enemy is laughing at us. He doesn’t even have to work very hard to get us working against each other, let alone working as a team. We, as women, even in the Church, are so divided on so many issues, that we can’t do what we are called to do as the Church, be a light and make disciples for Christ!


So what is this course about?

The course is entitled The Quiet Fight Between Women, which exposes the problem we have today. And the heading, Redeeming the Division reveals the solution. Jesus Christ is our Redeemer. The definition of redeem is powerful: to reclaim and to take back. I truly believe that God is broken hearted over the division among women in His family. It breaks His fatherly heart just as it would break your heart or mine if our children were divided. And the Redeemer I know and love, would deeply desire to redeem your relationships, too.

It is Jesus who heals relationships. It is in Him that we should find our identity and, it is by the power of His Holy Spirit that hearts are transformed and relationships can grow. But we have a responsibility to partner with Him. To recognize our sin, our nature, and how we have contributed to this division among women and partner with Him through repentance and cultivating unity, love, and acceptance.


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What is an online Bible study or course like?

There are many online courses out there. And if you have ever taken an Ecourse, you might have an impression in your mind. I have partnered with Red Jacket West to create an innovative and engaging online Bible Study, and we have designed the architecture of this study with the busy woman in mind.

What is in the course?

  • 28 teaching videos

  • Written content

  • Online workbook questions and an opportunity to share with me what you are learning

  • Infographics

  • 8 prayer audios

  • Challenges and exercises to encourage growth

  • Downloadable journal questions that can be printed or written directly into on your computer

  • An online forum on Facebook

  • And a software that allows us to text you a prayer a week with encouragement

All content is organized into 9 units, which you can go at on your own pace!

Can groups go through the course?

Yes! I am so excited to share that we have just released the Group Leader Kit! It find out what is included in the kit, including a $10 off coupon for everyone in your group and group discussion questions, CLICK HERE!


I am also excited to give you a FREE Gift! It is a Preview of Unit 3, the Comparison Trap! I have also included a $5 off coupon at the end of the free preview!Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 3.36.09 PM

I am so excited to hear what you think! Shoot me an email and share your story with me at [email protected]!

Would join me in redeeming the division among women?

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