You know that concept… “Cookie Cutter”… it’s used to describe the neighborhoods where all the homes look, well, cookie cutter! They all have the same trim, the same paint, the same lawn…

Something has been awakened in my mind and soul recently… as my heart aches more for the needy, it aches more for the lost, but it also aches for us all, the privileged.

This past week our family was blessed to go to a CityTeam Fundraiser and as we drove to the zoo where it was held, we explained to the kids that we aren’t going to the zoo to see the animals first; some of them didn’t like that too well. So on our drive I got to thinking… here we are, a typical American family DRIVING in a car (that God has blessed us with) to have a fun day as a family at the zoo) when many around the world don’t have that privilege). Do my children get it?  Am I teaching them that this life is bigger than our world?

When you look at the youth of today, the children of today, they are consumed with themselves. Life is all about them, their sports, their friends, their video games and activities, etc… I don’t want this for my kids, do you?  I don’t think God wants this for our children either.

So how do you, in today’s world, raise kids that are not like all the rest?  How do you raise kids that don’t fit the mold; that aren’t cookie cutter kids?

It starts with us… the parents! We have to be more than about ourselves and model it.

We have to check our priorities and look long and hard at what we are modeling is most important in life.  Are we modeling our beliefs?  Are we modeling spiritual disciplines?

Then after thinking this through:

How as a parent do you raise, lead, train, and guide each of your completely unique children to their personal calling? How do we, when we are raising our children in privileged America raise pure, strong, loving children who live their convictions and beliefs? How do we do this when we live in cookie cutter neighborhoods and live almost identical lifestyles to so many others? How do we make sure that we are not simply creating in our children a vision to live up to that includes pursuing this “American Dream”?

You see as a parent, a mother, my hope and prayer for my children is not that they grow up to be successful in the eyes of this world… but that they would love the Lord with all their heart, mind, soul and strength and that when they seek Him with all that they are, they would discover His will for their life, His unique purpose for them. Isn’t this what we all desire?  That our children would live with a joy-filled life that comes from living their calling?  What they were made to do? That they might experience that joy and confidence in the Lord that comes in knowing that without a doubt, 100%,  they are doing exactly what God has called them to do?

We need to take personal responsibility that what we value greatly influences and impresses upon them values and a vision of what to expect/pursue. If we value having the newest gadgets or trendy clothes over and instead of funding meals for he homeless, that is a message our children will be effected by (either consciously or subconsciously).

How do we prevent them from becoming “cookie cutter”… going to school(going into debt), to get a job, to get some credit, to get a mortgage, marry, have 1.4 “kids” and then end up divorced 7-11 years later?

I am excited to share with you my heart, my convictions, and the thoughts God has been provoking in my soul this month.

My prayer is that as I share what is burdening my heart as a parent in today’s day in age, you will ask questions a long side of me and that together we will grow in Christ and in His will for how we should parent more intentionally. I refuse to raise cookie cutter children… you with me?

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Together We Lead for His Glory,



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