Thistles… those nasty, prickly, hard to weed noxious plants! Aren’t they a terrible nuisance to the gardener?

One thing about these thistles: you need to get them out when they are little!  If you wait to long to pull them… their roots grow deeper and their thorns grow bigger and more prolific. If you were to compare pulling say this weed:


to this weed:

Boy, what a difference!  There is really no comparison! The younger, smaller weeds are easy to weed out.  The whole root system comes out pretty easily with the small top, even for a child.  The thorns aren’t too prickly and honestly, they take but a moment to pull, without an after thought.

As for the daunting mother weed… she takes planning… I mean strategy… grab your weapons (tools) and make sure you have your leather elbow length gloves because this weed is going to give you a work-out, literally.  I think my back hurt from working on this weed alone!  Then once she was out… I had to go back again for the rest of the root!

In the end, what do you have… nothing but a HUGE hole, where “she” used to be!

What lesson is to be learned here? I am sure you can figure it out after reading our first few posts. It is much easier to deal with sins, when they are little.  If you ignore them, they just grow, like that weed out in the back yard that doubles in size randomly.  Then all of a sudden, you have to deal with it, because it has grown into a monster of an issue and oh it is so much more painful to weed that sin out of ones life when they have grown and become ingrained into ones life.

It is wise to learn and practice spiritual weeding, regularly… so those sins (weeds) don’t get too big!


Hope you are enjoying a “weed-free” summer full of tag, giggles, and wrestling!

Love in Him,

Angie & the Kids

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