Keeping Priorities Straight~

Hello from the weed farm!

In case you have wondered where I am,  I have been thinking about you all and praying for you!  That your homes would be filled with joy and a peace that comes from the Lord. I pray that you are all enjoying your children and intentionally engaging them!

I haven’t been here because I have to take care of my first priorities first and I haven’t been able to do it all!  It’s that simple.  Usually, cold and rainy weather in Oregon offers me the opportunity to blog more, but with the nice weather outside the weeds and sunshine  beckon me (and so do my children who want to play outside more).


Writing a book, just like building a business or any other commitment, requires sacrifice.  I wasn’t about to let that sacrifice be my children or relationships, so the sacrifice this year was my beautiful garden and all the flower beds!  Yikes! Three and a half acres worth!

My children have been working diligently hard with me, but if you have small children, you know that in order to keep them focused on a job like weeding, it requires being there with them teaching them how to work hard with a happy heart attitude right along with them.  I am sure there are parents that tell their children to weed and expect them to just do it, but I want to teach my children to enjoy working, the best way to teach that is to smile and laugh and talk with them while weeding with them.  So this is where I have been, and will remain to be a lot the next few months… continuing to teach work ethic while modeling it with my children.

I am excited to share just a few posts with you this month!  I hope you come by again!

Join me in a few!

Together We Lead in the Power of His Might,