Planting Day Has Come

Tuesday Plants arrived @ Noon!

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Monday... Stump grinding

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More Progress

Putting up the Trellis System!Putting in the bamboo stakes were every plant will go!More Progress!

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Mission Minded Curriulum

Dear Fellow Home Schooling Families,I have to write to you to tell you how much my kids and I have been enjoying this curriculum we are using this year. It is truly a treasure. Thank you to Ann Dunagan for listening to the Lord and sacrificing your own time from little ones, ministry and time with your husband to create this. My family is definitely benefiting from it and I know a few others who [...]

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Field Trip Week

Last week was such a beautiful week. We took total advantage of and went on many field trips. What a fun week for all the kids.On September 27th we went to the Philip Foster Farm for their annual Apple Cider Press Day! What fun to see friends and eat a picnic lunch on one of our last summer days!Thursday we went to the Zoo with our new Nanny Sarah! I couldn't have done it alone [...]

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Too Many Tomatoes

Any body have any recipes to share that I can use to preserve my tomatoes???I ran outside tonight during our first big down pour (that lasted 5-10 minutes) to rescue my largest harvest of tomatoes.I hope I get to harvest the other hundred. We'll see if we keep getting rain they might go bad. Chickens will sure love them!

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Time to Labor the Land

It's time to Labor the Land!We've been busy getting the land ready for planting in 3 weeks or so.So far the land has been tilled, ripped, plowed, fertilized, tilled again and it is looking beautiful!What fun the kids have out in the dirt. I can imagine them playing hide 'n' seek in between the rows of vines one day!We are so thankful to the Lord for this blessing!Thank you God for going before us all [...]

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