The Hard Work is Done! For Now!

Now we can rest until January... Pruning Season!We did it! We are done with the hardest part of planting our Vineyard! The trellis system is up, the plants are in the ground, the grow tubes are protecting every yearling, and they are secured to the wire! Yeah! Thanks be to God for holding off the rain until 20 minutes after we finished tying the last grow tube to the trellis! Isn't He amazing! Here is [...]

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Pumpkin Carving!

Pumpkin Carving is a tradition at our house! Every year the kids either try to grow their "perfect pumpkin or find one at the patch to carve. This year we decided to carve a few and use Mr. Potato head accessories on the rest!Silly Fun in Autumn!

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An Early Thanksgiving

Tim & Tonya! Aren't they a cute couple!We had an Early Thanksgiving with my Family this year since we have been going to Port Townsend to visit Isaac's family most of the years! What a beautiful Sunny Day it was last Saturday! It got me thinking... Why do we only have one Thanksgiving days. It seems like everyday we should be so thankful for the Lord provisions and make an extra effort! My kids were [...]

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He Will Do Great Things

Ahhhhhh! Tears! Tantrum! Screams and Yells! He is out of control! He won't calm down!I Love, Love, Love my son, but so many times I feel like pulling the hair out of my head! It doesn't matter how many parenting books I have read or reread (even for the 8th time). I have prayed and prayed for this little man; yet he is still so intense all the time, about everything! The constant insanity had [...]

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The Best Pumpkin Patch Ever!

Today Isaac and I took the kids to the Best Pumpkin Patch We have ever heard of. What a blast! The pictures speak for themselves!One of the best parts about this farm was all of the exotic animals! Everything from Emu, Walluby, Servall Cats, Huge Turkey (talking 42lbs huge), bunnies, pigs, goats, sheep, reptiles, alligators and our favorites... a baby lion and toddler tiger! There was so much to see I can't list it all. [...]

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I Love My Brother

Megan and Luke!She loves "HER" Baby!

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He’s Growing UP!

Austin is growing up so fast this year! He is riding his bike without training wheels and he is reading his first books all by himself!The years go bye so fast!

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Bubble Blower!

He's chatting and blowing bubbles! So Cute!Time is Flying Bye! I can't believe he is already 3 1/2 months old!

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Thursday we finished planting all 1,386 plants!Friday morning was beautiful out in the vineyard.. a gentle fog lingered over the dirt.Welcome Autumn!

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Tuesday Tolpin Team Work

Everyone in the FAmily worked soooo Hard yesterday! There was planting of the first section, and picking up the containers, watering each plant individually, putting the stakes back in... and for baby Luke he was so good in the stroller (most of the 7 hours...)Great Job Guys! Mom and Dad are soooo proud!We went to Olive Garden at 8 last night to celebrate a hard but successful days work.Today we plant the second section! Thank [...]

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