Tim & Tonya! Aren’t they a cute couple!

We had an Early Thanksgiving with my Family this year since we have been going to Port Townsend to visit Isaac’s family most of the years! What a beautiful Sunny Day it was last Saturday! It got me thinking… Why do we only have one Thanksgiving days. It seems like everyday we should be so thankful for the Lord provisions and make an extra effort! My kids were so cheerful and helpful all day… there was worship happening in the home… and not just because of the worship music playing although that added to the atmosphere. The kids were worshiping by the way they were helping daddy out in the vineyard and while Kelsey was helping make homemade rolls to eat with our meal. She even took the initiative to clean up after herself in the kitchen which brought soooo much thankfulness into my heart (if you know our family well you know she is in the kitchen almost daily cooking up something, and usually not cleaning up the mess without a reminder).
What a great day! Lord, help me to lead the atmosphere of my home everyday like it was last Saturday! A Day of Worship as well as thankfulness!