Ahhhhhh! Tears! Tantrum! Screams and Yells! He is out of control! He won’t calm down!
I Love, Love, Love my son, but so many times I feel like pulling the hair out of my head! It doesn’t matter how many parenting books I have read or reread (even for the 8th time). I have prayed and prayed for this little man; yet he is still so intense all the time, about everything! The constant insanity had got me wondering… “Is there something wrong with my son?” Is he autistic? So as any good mother would do… lets look up symptoms… what could be wrong. I want to understand my child so I can cope and “properly handle him.”

Then the Lord whispers to me… there is nothing wrong with this child. He is the way I created him. You have been gifted with a very passionate child. Yes, he has intensity and lacks self control in every aspect, but that is why I choose you to be his mother. Stay diligent… stay firm… stay in prayer and ask me for wisdom… stay the course… keep perspective. This is part of your purpose. Stay focused on training him and preparing him for My great works. I want to use him! Lead him to me! I will transform him just like I am constantly transforming and growing you.

No excuses, no diagnosis, he is who God created him to be. A thought comes to me… Years ago no one knew of ADD or OCD (or other such disorders). Parents didn’t make excuses for the behavior of their kids. They were intentional about training not diagnosing a disorder or spending tons of money on tests to figure out what is “not perfect” about their child. My child has a case of SIN, pure and simple Selfish Sin. All children have it, as do we.

Clarity and truth brings so much peace to my soul. Before I was uneasy, fearing the worst. Believing the lie that he will be the rebellious one, he will fall away from the faith; my son won’t believe in Christ as his Savior. I go to far in my fear. God says to me. Angie, stop! Those are lies from the evil one. He wants you to feel defeated as early on as possible so he can attack and steal what is good. Children will rebel if you expect them too. Children will rebel if you convince yourself that you have failed and you give up early and don’t finish the race and train them.

My perspective has changed. I am back on course. I am thankful for the tantrums and tears, the rage and screams! He wears his emotions as well as his sin right on his sleeve and now I can address it. I know what I need to train him in. Self Control vs. lack of Control, selfishness. stubbornness and pride. he is a strong child and if I raise him up and build him up while teach him how to have self control and patience; along with humility and spirit of peace he could do amazing things for God. He is so loud and screams so loud. I need to work on teaching him how to be a good listener.

My perspective needs to be this: Look at his intensity, if I can lead him into a deep relationship with Christ just imagine what that kind of Passion could do in this world for the Lord. Look at his stubborn will; he will not be a follower, but a great leader someday. He will not be tossed around like a feather in the wind, he will be a man of integrity. Listen to how loud he is all the time… maybe he will be an evangelist or preacher.

Now I am encouraged! I see a vision to be excited about with my toddler. I am getting these warnings now when he is young so I can help him to be ready to control his sin when he is older. If I do this right now, when he is a teenager he won’t rebel like society says he will. He will be a conductor of change in his generation.

Time for Spiritual Boot camp Son and for Me as well! I know it won’t be easy, and there will be times when I am embarrassed by his behavior, but no more excuses. He is who God created him to be and I need to help him to be Great. He Will Do Great Things!