Merry Christmas!

What a joyous time of year! The celebration of Our Savior's birth! Isn't awesome that the Father of Heaven and Earth, came to us in the form of a baby, fully human and yet fully God! I find it spectacular that God is glorified in the fact that all over the world people are celebrating CHRISTmas! Even when unbelievers are only celebrating the over commercialized, misleading message of Santa which distracts from the true and [...]

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I must be Dreaming…

It's a Really White Christmas!That is right we have about 15 inches of snow!

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It’s The Season To…

Make Cookies, Fudge & Candy...Pack & Ship Cookies, Cards, & Gifts...To Wrestle & Dance to Christmas Music...To Think & Pray for & Help Others in Need!This year our church made Hope to others Bags for us to keep in our car ready to give to those less fortunate. A good idea for all year round that we will be adopting! How powerful to meet the needs of people even in this small way. If you [...]

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The Finished Room!

It's Finished! The Remodel of my laundry room is done!

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All I want for Christmas is My 2 Front Teeth…

2 in 24 Hours!That's Right... He lost another one tonight!Wrestling with Dad No Doubt!

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His First Tooth

He lost his first Tooth!

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Happy Birthday Megan!

Megan turned four today! We had some good friends over for a play date and a birthday party tonight here in Portland!What a blessed girl to have a party up in Port Townsend as well!

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Thanksgiving in P Town

We are thankful for FAMILY!

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A New Tradition: Apple Squeezin’

The past two years we have made apple juice @ Isaac's dad's house. The look forward to it now as a tradition!

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