Construction in December

I can breathe! Construction was over on Tuesday! We replaced 1/3 of our roof, had our pillars fixed and repainted, and the banister replaced!Here was the house in the midst of construction...Scary! Don't fall KIDS!While we lived in an RV in our drive way for 5 days... the banister was sanded, stained, lacquered! Pee-U! We couldn't breathe!Then we moved back in on Tuesday... got our Christmas Tree...and had our Cutco Christmas Party last night!We made [...]

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This weekend was amazing...Isaac completely redid our old "theatre room" into acraft, sewing, reading roomfor his wife (ME)!I am so overwhelmed with gratitude and shock really.Now we have a place for projects that is out of the way!Look at all he did!Thank you honey!I Love you!I'll post "after" pictures once I am done adding my feminine touch!Which may be next fall since it is green thumb season!

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The Finished Room!

It's Finished! The Remodel of my laundry room is done!

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