A Visit From Grampa Jim, Gramma Cathy & Abel

This past weekend we had a special surprise visit from Isaac's Dad and Family! It was great fun!Friday we went to the Children's Museum and Saturday we went Bowling!What a great time we had. Here are some fun pictures!

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Good Boy Moses

Last week Isaac and I watched Moses and Luke bonding...I just couldn't believe how gentle Moses was!He just knew to be gentle with the baby.For all of you who wonder if you could have a puppy with little kids...well it is a lot of work.Let me say that again...IT IS A LOT OF WORK!But it is moments like this when it makes it all worth the work.Moses had his second birthday in Feb.I can't believe [...]

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Home Schooling: Our main Goal

Last night I had the opportunity to make it to a gathering of women from our "sister" church (the Mt. Hood Congregation). They were getting to discuss the topic of home school materials and get together and pray for one another. I found it to be such a rich time. I don't know about you, but I thrive when I feel like I am not on this road alone! It was such an encouragement to [...]

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Good News Jelly Beans!

Here is a Fun little activity to do with little ones since we are nearing Easter!We got these from our librarian and had so much fun eating each one as we learned what it represented.Thanks Linda

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Juicing with Kids

Yesterday we made a yummy new juice. Here is the recipe! 1 red beet 2 long slices of pineapple 1 pear 1 tangelo half a lemon with rind Another family favorite is: 1 cucumber 1 pear about 2 cups of pineapple The great thing about the juicer is that you can't go wrong... everything I have tried tastes so yummy! I really love this one: a handful of carrots 1 cucumber 2 granny smith apples [...]

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