Raw Milk

We finally did it! We made the switch to Raw Milk and LOVE IT!It took me a couple months to find a place to get the milk... granted I wasn't trying very hard. I have to drive a good 35 minutes to get it but the health benefits are worth the drive, plus the kids get to experience a different kind of family farm when we go to pick it up.Here are pictures of the [...]

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Seed Growth

So Here is an Update on our couple hundred seedlings...Things were growing beautifully...Until....Plant Enemy #1That is right.... remember when I said how much fun and how educational growing starts were??? Well, I take it back... just kidding, but I really did have quite the morning Friday. I was so upset I could have completely lost it. You know those moments when you think you should correct your child because what they did was wrong, but [...]

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Presoaking, Scarifying, and Presprouting Seeds

This year we got around to planting are starts a couple of weeks later than I would have liked.... so with the pumpkins, cucumbers, zucchini and squash we soaked the seeds and put them on damp paper towels, rolled them up and sealed them in a zip lock bag. After a couple days they look like this:Then you plant them inside for a few weeks and you are set. This process also works with beans [...]

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Finally! After 13 weeks of making bread I finally made one that didn't look like a hockey puck. They were all eatable... they tasted the same... they just didn't look right!But here it is...I found out that I was killing the yeast. I was using water that was too hot and I was letting it knead for ten minutes in my Kitchen Aid Mixer. So now I have a beautifully yummy Red Hard Wheat Bread [...]

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Slip N Slide in April?

What a Beautiful day! We pulled out the Slip N Slide today! Never before have we even dreamed of swimsuits and hose water in April, but here we are totally enjoying the break from the heat on a very hot day!

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48 Yards

Kids Playing in the DIRT! In the big Hill of Dirt!Drew has played in the dirt everyday since it was delivered and every time we start shoveling to take the dirt to the vineyard he gets upset and yells..."DON'T TAKE MY DIRT!!!"We've had work to do! 48 yards of compost to be put out on the vineyard!This time we hired help... the kids are a bit small to load all 48 yards into wheelbarrows, though [...]

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Sparrow Tracks

Today the kids and I went to my friend Shawn's home to see how she makes the journals she sells for her business "Sparrow Tracks." She finds old and worn books and recycles them into journals and sells them here. I have bought journals from Shawn a couple of times for myself and as gifts. The average price is $16 without shipping, but if you are local you may find them in a couple of [...]

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Using the Easter Egg to Teach About Christ

Do you dye easter eggs or not? Just as my husband and I had waded through what the Lord would have for us to teach our children and model for them regarding Halloween, which I write about here, we have also considered Easter, Christmas, and other holidays. At first I found myself looking for ways to justify doing traditions such as dying eggs with my kids because I loved doing it when I was little. I figured, I [...]

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Our 2nd Last Supper

  Last year we celebrated Maunday Thursday by having a Passover Meal together. It was such an awesome time of reflection and really helped to make the crucifixion real to the kids so we decided to make it a tradition.  Our 2nd Year Passover Menu: Unleavened Tortillas Grapes Potatoe Latkes Garlic & Onion Baked Tilipia Charoset Recipe for Charoset: 3 med. sweet apples grated 1/2 cup chopped walnuts 1/4 cup grape juice or red sweet [...]

Open Season in the Garden

Finally it is Time! Time for Gardening!Yeah! I am so EXCITED this year! We have expanded my garden... added 2 more flower beds in the enclosed garden! My hope is to be able to use past of the land behind our chicken coop for corn and potatoes and things like that as well. That is if I can manage to figure out my watering problems.After weeks of reading, planning, buying seeds, buying starts, testing and [...]

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