“But Crafts are So Messy”

Your child comes up to you with that look... they want something... but they think you might say no... "Mom, can I do a craft?" You reply in your mind, "But Crafts are So Messy!!!" A host of other excuses come into your mind... they take time... and you and I both know who really does the craft... right(well depending on the age)... I don't know what to have you do... What do you do?  [...]

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December Home School…

December at the TolpinsMany people have been asking me what we do for home school the month of December...A typical December at our house looks like this:We take the month off from most "typical school subjects" to learn more about Jesus, focus on Jesus, celebrate Jesus, and bless family and friends through hospitality & special gift making.I am a CRAFT ADDICT... I love doing hands on activities with the kids so here are someGift Making [...]

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The Girls are Helping Get Ready for Baby

We have a few little boys that LOVE Blankets in our house! Well Actually all of us do.When Winter comes we live in blankets... with a nice smelling warm fire... we wrap up in blankets, sit on the sofa, and read, read, & READ!On any given day you can find Kelsey wrapped up in a blanket, on the floor or on her bed... doing her math (often times more math than she is assigned), Austin [...]

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A Special Date with Megan

Megan is my little artist at heart...as well as my lovey girl!She is the kid in the house that needs more affection and attention at times lately.She used to be so "easy"... never really had tantrums... which I thought was b/c of child training, but have realized after having more than 3, that I was just very blessed with having a gentle quiet spirited daughter. Now that she is 5 and a half ( which [...]

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Masters School of Art Camp

Last Week Austin & Kelsey attended "Art Camp" for the first time. I first learned about MSOA 3 years ago at one of the home school conferences. I was so impressed by their approach of teaching technique and variety of classes, but my children were not yet old enough. Well they have expanded, they are closer now.... meeting in the downstairs of Sunnyside Foursquare Church. They have classes starting in the fall... everything from Celtic [...]

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Mosaics for Kids

This past fall I found some great Mosaics for kids!Great detail handy work for young and older kids.Here are the websites where you can purchase and view products as well as watch you tube videos on how to do them.Alea MosaicsMind WareMy kids have enjoyed making gifts for mom and dad that are more of a keepsake. I hope your kids like them too!Here are a few of the products we have done already:

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Isaac teaching Austin how to carve a sail boat. Austin has been very dedicated to working on this the past week.

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Using the Easter Egg to Teach About Christ

Do you dye easter eggs or not? Just as my husband and I had waded through what the Lord would have for us to teach our children and model for them regarding Halloween, which I write about here, we have also considered Easter, Christmas, and other holidays. At first I found myself looking for ways to justify doing traditions such as dying eggs with my kids because I loved doing it when I was little. I figured, I [...]

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